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The German Walther P-38 pistol explained
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Field dismounting of the Walther P38 & P1

- The dismounting of the slide
- Difference between the wartime P38 and the postwar P1

Advanced dismounting of the barrel & slide

- Dismounting of the barrel assembly
- Dismounting of the slide assembly

Advanced dismounting of the receiver ( I )

Advanced dismounting of the receiver ( II )

Operation of the Walther P-38

- The chambered cartridge indicator

Double-action of the P-38 explained
- The deconnection in the P-38
- When the cartridge does not explode

Breech locking system of the Walther P-38

The safeties of the Walther P-38
- The thumb safety
- The uncocking of the P-38
- The automatic safety
- The warning safeties

An experimental P-38 under focus

- The "horseshoe" or "open" sear
- The experimental "square notched" trigger
- Parkerized or phosphate finish

Evolution the P-38 design

Postwar P-38 or P-1

- The dismounting of the Walther P-1
- Parts comparison between the P38 and the P1

- Later changes in the postwar P-1
- Point of weakness of the P-1 slide

The markings on the P-38

- The serial number
- Proof marks, acceptance stamps, and control markings

- The producers indentifying codes

The magazine of the P-38

- The dismounting of the P-38 magazine
- The markings of the P-38 magazine
- The use of overpowered cartridges


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