Item Description


This item is a brand new Elektro E Cigarette. The best solution for quitting smoking. This is a very high quality product, not like that junk that comes from China.

The hardest part about quitting smoking is breaking the habit of holding a cigarette, with the different nicotine level cartridges,

you gradually reduce the amount of nicotine for an easy transition into a non smoking lifestyle.

This auction is a complete starter kit with includes,

(1) Home Wall Charger, (2) Rechargeable Batteries (ie E Cigarettes), and (1) Mar**** Flavor Cartridges

If you have any questions please ask prior to bidding!

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Elektro CigaretteOther Electronic Cigarette

Elektro E Cigarette vs Other Electronic Cigarette


Convenience In Use


~ Starter Kit consists of (2) electronic cigarettes i.e. (2) rechargeable batteries,  5 Pack Flavor Cartridge and a home charger ~ The necessary parts are sold separately
~ Easy step cartridge replacement with no unwrapping processes ~ Unwrapping of the nicotine pad and inserting it manually to the cartridge will take longer time
~ Components are elegantly designed   ~ Some of its components are assembled in a complicated manner
~ Essential components are squeezed in the disposable cartridge including the nicotine pad in various nicotine content levels which can be replaced as desired.   ~ There is a need to insert the nicotine pad manually which can affect the other essential components of the electronic cigarette

Appearance and Quality


~ The texture and look is resembled with the traditional cigarettes ~ Comes in different sizes and colors encased in plastic
~ The LED tip provides the glowing effect once inhaled   ~ There is a lesser or hardly noticeable glowing effect because of the weak LED
~ The smoke which is a vapor mist provides a harmless yet satisfying smoking sensation ~ The smoke provides less satisfaction to smokers

Hygiene and Freshness


~ The disposable cartridge will give the fresh smoking sensation when replaced as desired ~ Some parts of the cartridge are just replaced and the cartridge is reused for several times
~ All parts of the electronic cigarette that are prone to germ contamination are also replaced together with the cartridge ~ Some parts of the electronic cigarette are used longer making it more prone for germs to thrive
~ Elektro cartridges provide 5 different aromatic flavors: Menthol, Cherry, Grape, Strawberry and Tobacco. ~ Only a limited number of boring flavors are provided



What is the Electronic Cigarette?
The electronic cigarette is the most revolutionized smoking device, created to give smokers an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The latest and most advanced technology was used to create the product giving satisfaction to smoke related nicotine cravings. Traditional smokers can now enjoy the benefits of a less hazardous smoking sensation. No more of the thousands of harmful chemicals that enhances smoke -related complications.
What are the indications that the cartridge is empty?
Depending on the frequency of use, changes in the flavor and a much lesser vapor will be produced indicating that a change of the cartridge is needed. A single cartridge is almost equivalent to two packs of ordinary cigarettes.
Is the visibility of the smoke and smell noticeable?
The harmless and odorless vapor cloud that it will produce will eventually fade in seconds. Since there is an absence of internal combustion of the contents like tobacco has, no toxic smoke or smell is produced.
What similarities do they have with traditional cigarettes?
The taste and the smoking sensation that it provides is much more like the ordinary traditional cigarettes.
Is secondhand smoke present?
Absolutely zero. The absence of burning tobacco eliminates secondhand smoke, thus sparing non-smokers from developing smoke related diseases.
How does the battery and charger function?
The battery provides life for the electronic cigarette, once it detects inhalation actions, it automatically turns on. Charging on the other hand is quite easy with the use of the screw. Once screwed on, a common red light on the charger will indicate that the battery is charging and when completed the light on charger will turn green.
Is tobacco contained in the cartridge?
Tobacco is not included in the mixed components present in the cartridge of the electronic cigarette thus eliminating the thousands of chemicals that tobacco contains in traditional cigarettes.
Is it possible to use Elektro™ in non-smoking areas?
The answer is yes. Elektro™ does not produce a toxic secondhand smoke which differs a lot from the ordinary cigarette which excludes it from the Clean Air Act regulation.


Bidders must be at least 18 years old.
  • The value of the item is in the collectable packaging, not in the tobacco itself.
  • The item has not been opened, but that the tobacco within is not for consumption.
  • The collectable tobacco packaging must not be available at any retail outlet, and packaging must have a value that substantially exceeds the current retail price of that tobacco product in the package.
  • Buyers and sellers are responsible for ensuring that any transaction involving tobacco complies with all applicable laws and postal regulations in carrying out the transaction.