Item Description

Portable Solar Battery Charger

Electric eye multicrystal silicon solar
Battery trpe:Polymer li-ion battery
Battery capacity:11200mAh/14.8V
Battery Charger Input Voltage:18V
Solar cell:18V/2.0W
LED Flashlight
Charging time:AC-3 Hours
Solar - 11-12 Hours

Mobile battery charging at your fingertips. Come with adapters for most laptops and cellphones. These adapters will cover the majority of popular electronics that require charging on the go. It small, has a huge capacity, long life, and perfect traveling, long-distance, and field operations.

High quality solar panel protected by fiberglass. Protection from overheating and short circtuiting.

Works with Digital Cameras, MP3 Players, Cell Phones, Laptops, Gaming Consoles, GPS, DVD Players, and much more.