Item Description
Specification] 400mg * 60 capsules

Main ingredients: Garcinia cambogia, green apple, emblica, hawthorn, Alisma, calcium pyruvate, L-carnitine.

Effectiveness of the composition and content: calcium pyruvate 1.16g per 100g: L-carnitine 4.46g, total flavonoids of 1.82g
[Authorized] Fujian Province the Guangsheng Tang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

[Manufacturing], Guangzhou Flower City (biological) Health Food Factory

[Producer] America to the United States biomedical International Group (HK) Co., Ltd.

[Publisher] Guangzhou America afterlife Technology Co., Ltd.

[Address] Guangzhou Guangzhou Dasan Industrial Park No. 128

Approval Number: State Food and word G20060056

Health Permit: Min Wei food card characters 2007 0302
[Usage and dosage] once a day, every 2 alone or with food and clothes in the morning, three days later, no significant reaction was added 30 minutes before dinner, a taking to be reduced to satisfactory weight, not suddenly disabled, so as not to undermine the metabolic balance. Maintenance dose once a day, each one, for taking 30 days, to maintain body weight rebound.

Note: taking the weight loss for the first time, the first three days every day one to adapt daily doses of two, you need to lose weight fast, please contact the owner.

[Shelf life] 24 months

[Storage] sealed, cool and dry place

[Note] This product is not a substitute for drugs, taking should be noted that during drinking more water, eat more fruits, vegetables and other light food