Item Description
Crystal Screen Protector for iPhone4/4S front and back protectors
1.Product character
1.Materials are imported from Japan,with highly transparency of 99%.
2.The surface of the screen protector is Hightly antiwear, hard to be ablated
3.The screen protector can prevent the ultraviolet radiation damage the screen
4.The screen protector reduces the strain of your eyes by blocking 99% of the UV emitted from your LCD display.It can reduce the reflection of line by 95%,and no bubble left when use it
5.3 layer structures: PET Marerial Layer, Composite Silion Layer, and Electrostatic Layer
1.Avert the scuffing and abrasion of the LCD screen effectivly.
2.The surface resist static, no dust left on it
3.With advanced coating technology, no fingerprint when touched
4.Special function to avert reflection and glare by 98%
5.Less adhesive, physical adsorption maike it can be reuse after removing and cleaning