Item Description
slim pill lishou

This production is made in modern technology extracting, selecting special plant
known for thousands of years in the kindom of green plant of Yunnan. This
product is extracted useful compositions based on complex technology. This
product which drug and food GMP standard is identificationed enterprise
production is passed. So taking this product is freeform side effects.
Suitable Ages: Between 16 and 65.
Main Material: tuckahoe, Lotus, bitter orange fruit.
Taking Ways: Once every day, one pill each time.
Size: 40 grains * 400mg
Period of Validity: 24 months
Storage: Keeping it in a cool, dry and avoiding light of indoors.
Caution: Pregnant women and people with cardiovascular disease and apoplexia
should consult doctors before taking

Refund policy(money insured) :
We will refund all of your money if you do not receive it within 30 days