Item Description

We realize you have a choice when it comes to Grizzly Adams.  So we purchased and reviewed the 7 and 9 DVD sets, as well as this one, the 13 DVD set.  And if you're looking for the best available released set, this is it.  Not that it is perfect, but it is still the best available and here's why:

1) All 39 episodes (complete series) on 13 DVDs. 13 - not 7 or 9, but 13.  That's only 3 episodes per disc!  For listing episode by episode, to prove complete and in proper order, see below.

2) Arranged in proper airdate order, full screen and english. 

3) True motion interactive menu let's you select the episode by name.  Moreover, there are episode menus with chapter stops so you can jump directly into an episode at a certain spot.

4) Opening and closing credits for each episode.

5) No commercials!

6) Audio quality is great because its dolby digital.

7) Video quality is good and definitely better then all the sets we reviewed.  We give it an 8.5 out of 10.


FAST SHIPPING and with delivery confirmation/tracking. 


No commercials and interactive menu allows you to select your episode directly.


Grizzly Adams Episode List
Disc 1
1: Adams' Cub
2: Blood Brothers
3: Fugitive
Disc 2
4: Unwelcome Neighbor 
5: Howdy-Do, I'm Mad Jack 
6: Adams' Ark 
Disc 3
7: The Redemption of Ben
8: The Tenderfoot
9: The Rivals
Disc 4
10: The Unholy Beast 
11: Beaver Dam 
12: Home of the Hawk 
Disc 5
13: The Storm
14: Hot Air Hero 
15: Survival 
Disc 6
16: A Bear's Life 
17: The Trial 
18: The Orphans 
Disc 7
19: The Search
20: Gold Is Where You Find It 
21: Track of the Cougar
Disc 8
22: The Choice 
23: Woman in the Wilderness 
24: The Spoilers 
Disc 9
25: Marvin the Magnificent 
26: A Time of Thirsting 
27: The Seekers 
Disc 10
28: A Gentleman Tinker 
29: The Runaway 
30: The Great Burro Race 
Disc 11
31: The Littlest Greenhorn 
32: The Renewal (1)
33: The Renewal (2)
Disc 12
34: The Stranger 
35: The Quest 
36: The Skyrider 
Disc 13
37: The World's Greatest Bounty Hunter 
38: Once Upon a Starry Night (1) 
39: Once Upon a Starry Night (2)