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Loose Change
1st Edition

"Loose Change is the ORIGINAL and most provocative 9-11 documentary on the market today.

What If...
The twin towers were not hit by commercial airliners?

The world trade center was not brought down by jet fuel?
The pentagon was not hit by a 757?
There is no trace of flight 93 in Shanksville?
Conspiracy Theory? Its not a theory if you can prove it.
directed, written, & narrated by Dylan Avery

What really happened on 9-11-01?

See for your self what the government doesn't want you to see.

This video contains excellent footage of 9-11 and documented evidence
that our government is lying to us.

This film shows direct connection between the attacks of September 11, 2001
and the United States government.
Evidence is derived from news footage, scientific fact, and most important,
Americans who suffered through that tragic day.

  This Authorized DVD copy is intended for educational purposes only.
DVD will come in a paper DVD sleeve.
Guaranteed to work or you'll receive a replacement or refund.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!




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Why didn't jets intercept the airliners since they had numerous warnings of terrorist attacks?
Why were there no photos or videos of the Pentagon plane?
Why is the military hiding the video of Flight 77 as it crashes into the Pentagon?
How were all of the “black boxes†of both planes never found at the WTC towers, yet a passport of one of the alleged terrorists was found undamaged within minutes after the crash near Ground Zero?

Where are the flight recorders?

Why the strange pattern of debris from Flight 93?

Why did none of the 19 hijackers appeared on the passenger lists?
Where did the photos of all 19 hijackers come from?
How were all hijackers identified just 2 days after the attack?
Why did the FBI ignore Bin Laden's family, who left the United States without further investigation?
What about the supposed hijackers who are still alive?

Why do so few people know what Building 7 is and why it collapsed at 5:30 PM?

The presence of molten metal found burning at ground zero for up to a month after the attacks, suggest the use of explosives and of Thermite. Why wasn't this investigated?

Why did NORAD and other US air defenses appear to stand down on 911?

How much control did Marvin Bush (the president’s youngest brother) have in the electronic security decisions involving the World Trade Center, and Dulles Airport? Why hasn’t his connection been investigated, considering the apparent security failures in 2 of his security company’s contracts on the same day? What about his connection to the company providing the insurance for the WTC ? Did The WTC contract really end on September 11, 2001?

Why did the FBI start collecting metal scraps immediately after the crash at the Pentagon instead of conducting an onsite forensic investigation? Considering the controversy surrounding what exactly hit the Pentagon, why hasn't any of the wreckage, or any of the 85 confiscated local surveillance tapes been released to prove it was a Boeing 757 (AA flight 77)?

After the attacks, Bin Laden denied any involvement through credible sources numerous times. However, a video tape found in Afghanistan by an unnamed source and released by the Pentagon was the only evidence against him. Why would Bin Laden confess on a video tape after stating so clearly that he was not involved, and why does the person in that video look so different from all previous pictures of Bin Laden?



On Jan-19-09 at 21:12:52 PST, seller added the following information:


The original film was edited and re-released as Loose Change 2nd Edition,to tighten the focus on certain key areas and to remove what the filmmaker believed to be inaccuracies and copyrighted material.

This is the 2nd Edition which is the first and best revision of the original movie.
(very hard to find)

Loose Change Final Cut was released in DVD format on November 11, 2007. If you would like a copy of the final cut please check my auction for that dvd.