Item Description

1. Powerful 3 watt LEDs
2. HollandStar LED's Phyto-genesis Spectrum
3. 100 true watts - 150 LED watts
4. The Best Components
5. 3 Years Warranty(If have problem over 3 years,we can send parts for free)
The 6B 150w 50x3w LED is the perfect light for a smaller tent grow. It is also great to use as a veg light in a perpetual grow. It contains HollandStar’s proprietary Phyto genesis Spectrum and comes with the 3 Years warranty offered in the industry. HollandStar LED Grow Lights work better than traditional HID or fluorescent lighting due to their specifically engineered light spectrum that provides plants with all of the different wavelengths they need without wasting energy on heat or unusable light. Traditional HID lighting was originally designed to light streets, not to grow plants. How could growing plants have the same lighting needs as human night vision? By utilizing the Phyto genesis Spectrum, specifically designed to meet the needs of growing plants,HollandStar LED grow lights are the most comprehensive lights available for growing the biggest and healthiest plants—guaranteed! Stop using normal Traditional Grow lights and start using plant lights!
The 6B 150w 50x3w replaces any 300w HID, producing a superior yield without wasting energy on heat or unusable light. The 6B 150w 50x3w also saves on wattage, cooling, and bulb replacement costs. HollandStar LEDs do not contain any highly toxic mercury, unlike all other HID and CFL bulbs.
The 6B 150w 50x3w contains 50 high power 3w LED chips, pulling 100 watts!
The exclusive HollandStar LED Phyto genesis Spectrum utilizes 6 beneficial spectrums including Deep RED,Red,blue,violet,Orange,and Infrared spectrum.

6B 150w 50x3w Product Specifications
Lighting Area: 4.5㎡/1m
Size: 270x60mm
Weight: 2.7kg/pcs
Wattage: 100W
Voltage: AC 85V~264V
Work Frequency: 50~60 Hz
Operating Temperature Range: -20~40o
CE certified and ROHS compliant
NOTE:The lights operate internally on a D/C current and as such are able to accept a range of input voltage and auto adjust the current for safe operation.