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Using the object:

1, Field travelers / climbers / explorers : for outdoor adventure, distant targets and instructions sent out distress signals to make your trip more interesting fun are preferred equipment for outdoor activities.

2, Amateur astronomer-- astronomy refers to the star, green laser beam injection is a very beautiful green line. Very suitable for observing the sky, can accurately indicate the position of the stars.

3, mining field / construction workers --accurate indication for long-distance / measurement of buildings can be avoided approaching the danger zone. Lets you live like a conductor kilometer away.

4, self-defense use: When you encounter dangerous animals in the mountains attacked, or when there are criminals rob you when you pose a threat to life and property, it can be used to self-defense, as long as you come up with to scare each other just fine, do not really put people out of the binocular insomnia.

5, military command or exercises: When you want to do your subordinates shows you which direction the target in the air or in a distant hillside, you can also do hand gestures desperately? Of course not, you will be able to touch the green pen button pointing to the sky, make your style greatly increased.

6, Guide: attractions for distant instructions explain, no matter how many of the group behind you, you can clearly see the point of attraction.

7, It may also be used for fire, floods, earthquakes and other emergencies such as the command of repair site!

burn the match
Unique High Powered Green Laser Pointer .
It can be operated by 3*AA battery (Included).
Focusable lens.
Visible beam in daytime.
Safety Key switch design -- prevents children/unauthorized persons from harming themselves.
Sealed design prevents dusts from going in.
Great for pointing objects from long distance, such as stars.
Range in excess of 10,000 ft.

What included:
1 laser pointer
2 3 *AA battery
3 boxes