Item Description
The Biggest Ultimate Wholesale/Dropship List 
This could quite possibly be the biggest list
of Wholesalers, Dropshippers and Suppliers on eBay.  I have
spent months compiling all the websites that I have come across as
well as the websites that I have found in most of the other
wholesale lists that you see here on eBay.  Don't waste your
money on lists that show websites that either don't work or they
just don't offer you a deal that you can work
What I am offering you here is not a get rich
quick scam.  This is the farthest thing from it.  I am
offering you some resources that will lead you to becoming
successful online entrepreneur.  In this package you will find
a 1000's of websites to wholesale and dropship companies as well as
a lengthy list of wholesale directory websites.  I am not
promising that all these sites are what you are looking for and I
understand that this list is not for everyone.  I am promising
you an opportunity to take control of your career.  In these
lists you will find millions of products that are being sold at
warehouse prices or even lower.  Some of the wholesalers I use
for my personal store as well eBay sales are on this list.  If
you are new to eBay or even selling anything online you should know
that no matter who's list you buy it is up to you to do your own
research.  This list contains high quality and reputable
suppliers and if you can strike up a relationship with your
suppliers than you are on your way to success.  Some of the
wholesalers on this list do not advertise because they carry some
of the highest quality products and sell them at manufacturers
cost.  So low that if they advertised they would be swamped
and would not be able to keep up with the demand.  Once again,
this is a resource to help you start earning an income on eBay, I'm
not promising it will work for everyone, I only promise it will
work for those who actually work with the list and do their
research and who are actually serious about starting a career on
eBay.  There are too many wholesale and dropshipping websites
listed here for this not to work, I guarantee that there are
wholesalers here that would blow your mind if you gave my list a
Here is
a peak at what you will be getting.
Official 100 Powerseller list
PayPal 200 Dropship list
680 Wholesalers/Dropshippers listed in categories
of product type. 
Bonus 250 Dropshippers/Wholesalers
UK Dropshippers
And much much much more. 
This package also contains resources to help you get started if you
have no idea where to start.  It is an easy to follow 4 page
document guiding you through the steps to get started dropshipping
right away with
You should buy this list if the any of the
following is true
You are tired of working for someone else
You want to supplement your income
You want to start a career on eBay
You already buy and sell on eBay and you are
looking for some new suppliers
You are new to eBay and want to gain some
You are looking to save mega dollars on buying
high quality products for yourself at unbeatable prices.
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