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The Only Blueprint You Will Ever Need To Understand And Dominate Search Engines, Find And Create Your Own Backlinks Within Minutes & Consistently Create Top Rankings For Your Niche Sites In Google, Yahoo & Bing!

I have been working online since October 2001 and I have tried many different methods and approaches for making money online. The one that stuck with me was SEO. You see, I figured out that link building is a very simple and direct method for gaining top search engine rankings and getting free traffic from Google.
I started experimenting, testing things, seeing what works and what doesn't, all in an effort to see what was the simplest and easiest way to get rankings like these:

This is the first site I created and it served as one of my link building guinea pigs, providing me with great info and feedback. The site can be found on page 1 of Google for keywords like affiliate marketing, web marketing, online affiliate marketing, internet marketing programs, internet affiliate marketing, affiliate internet marketing, affiliate marketing ebook, affiliate marketing training and more.
I started applying my link building knowledge on small niche websites, trying to rank for low and medium competition keywords. What I discovered was amazing!
I found out that I could actually create one website per day, do the link building necessary for the site to get a top Google ranking and still have time to go out and play basketball with my friends:-)
So, you may be wondering...
- it's a step-by-step guide that covers all the facts and FAQ related to link building and SEO that you need to know in order to be successful with every niche site that you create
- it gives you a blueprint with detailed explanations of all the link building methods and backlink types I use to rank my sites so high in the SERP's
- it shows you the exact free tools I use to determine my link building strategy for each site, ranking it easily for all of my keywords, without any worry or stress
- it gives you my exact technique for finding, within minutes, hundreds of .gov & .edu sites
- in Link Building Domination, I detail for you my methods for getting hundreds of high PR backlinks from sites like Squidoo, Flickr, Digg and many, many others
- and, above all, Link Building Domination report will give you a clear strategy for link building and search engine domination
With this knowledge, you will easily produce high page 1 rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Powered by examples, my own testing and the simple fact that it works, Link Building Domination will definitely produce the desired effect - EASY LINK BUILDING FOR TOP SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS!

Is your site stuck and you don't know why, despite all your effort, it's not moving up in the search engines? There is an explanation and a way out. This link building blueprint will give you clear insight and actionable steps to make every site rank better, rank faster and make you more money!
Do you have a hard time getting backlinks so you pay for backlink packets that consume even more of your time? By getting your hands on this report, you will discover how you can find, within minutes, tons of quality backlinks and create your own backlinks packets that don't require you to break the TOS of other sites!
Do you spend your time commenting on an endless line of blogs you have no interest in, making it hard for you to submit quality comments, only to find that your comment doesn't even get approved? There's an easy and simple solution waiting for you inside Link Building Domination!
...that there is an easy way to do link building, that proves to be even more effective than any complex SEO tactic and gimmick out there.
...that you don't need to do any black-hat or spammy link building techniques that encourage breaking TOS of sites, or creating junk content on the web - to achieve fast, high and long-term ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing!
LINK BUILDING DOMINATION WILL BE OF IMMENSE VALUE TO YOU BECAUSE... will gain, almost instantaneously, a new link building philosophy, so clear, easy to do and effective - that you'll have no other choice but to rank high in the SERP's for all your money sites! will have answers to all those questions that might plague you(Google Sandbox, Google dance, nofollow-dofollow, why you just can't seem to outrank that site above you and more...) - with Link Building Domination, you will KNOW what you have to do!
If you are struggling to achieve your search engine rankings or have no success whatsoever, even if you are a complete newbie, this report is your safest and best way to dominate Google rankings for any keyword.
If you have many unanswered questions about SEO and link building and you don't have a clear strategy for achieving top rankings in the search engines, you have to grab your copy of Link Building Domination now and let this no-fluff, no-BS 51-page report answer all your questions and give you a clear strategy for dominating search engine results!

FAQ's :
Does Link Building Domination show me how to automate my link building process?
A: Yes, LBD will show you how to automate your link building, speed up the process if you're doing everything manually and how to prevent it from becoming time-consuming .
Does LBD help with "sandboxed" sites?
A: The short answer is yes, I offer advice on how to avoid the sandbox, but also how to recover from it. However, it depends on the exact situation your site is in and why it got sandboxed. Also, if the domain is de-indexed or not.
Q: How much would it cost to automate link building?
A: Automation is not only about using services to do your work for you. It can also be about you doing the work, but so fast, effective and without any unnecessary grunt work. I laid out a strategy for this, but I also recommend services that can automate this. You can automate most of your link building for less than $50 if you choose on a paid option.
Q: Does LBD come with backlink packets?
A: No backlink packets are included. The report is full of great ways to find and create your own backlinks, more effective than standard TOS-breaking backlink packets.
Q: Do you mention SENuke in your strategy?
A: No, I feel it may not be the right thing for a lot of people, but I do consider it to be a good tool, for those who use it properly.
Do you offer email support?
A: Yes, all LBD costumers can contact me and ask for additional help.

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- Indexing Tool -

Now That You’ve Written Dozen’s Of Articles And Created Hundreds Of Backlinks
It’s Time To Sit Down And Count The Money.
Or Is It?
Just when you thought you’d turned into a big fat cat who is sitting pretty you wonder why your empire isn’t taking off in quite the same way as you’d hoped.

If you are scratching your head wondering why then you might be interested to know that Google doesn’t index every link it finds. Here is how we can change this,
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“Let Me Show You How To Unleash The Full Power Of ScrapeBox And Never Have To Worry About Finding Backlinks Again!â€

I’ve been using ScrapeBox every day for several months and over this time I’ve played around with all of the various features and believe I have a good handle on how to use them both effectively and efficiently.

I don’t fancy myself as much of a copywriter, so I’m just going to tell you what’s included in “ScrapeBox Dominationâ€.

The first component of “ScrapeBox Domination†is a video series detailing each of the components of ScrapeBox and how to use them effectively.


Video 1 - Introduction and Proxy Set Up - 4.54 minutes.

Video 2 - Scraping High PR Forums - 4.54 minutes.

Video 3 - Automated Blog Commenting - 19.05 minutes.

Video 4 - ScrapeBox "Ping Mode" - 5.04 minutes.

Video 5 - Trackbacks - 4.18 minutes.

Video 6 - RSS Submission - 2.52 minutes.

Video 7 - Analysing Competitors Backlinks - 6.29 minutes.

Video 8 - ScrapeBox Add Ons - 3.55 minutes.

Video 9 - Miscellaneous - 4.36 minutes.


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