Item Description
1. Reduction of High Blood Sugar to Normal LevelsNOPAL RED strengthens the liver and the pancreas thereby improving the ability of insulin to stimulate the movement of glucose from the blood into body cells where it is used as energy. A recent study with adult-onset diabetics in Mexico showed that there was a clear hypoglycemic effect on the obese. insulin-resistant patients, with simultaneously lowered serum levels of low-density cholesterols and triglycerides. Nopal is a healthy food for diabetics because it slows the digestion of carbohydrates thereby slowing the insulin production. Nopal also helps to lower the blood sugar and it is low in calories and sodium. 2. Reduced High cholesterol and Fat levels NOPAL RED's amino acids, fiber and B3 (niacin) prevent excess blood sugar conversions into fats, while reducing the total cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels by metabolizing fat and fatty acids and eliminating excess bile acids (excess bile acid is eventually converted into cholesterol). Other research studies on B3 (niacin) show its conversion effects of LDL (bad) to HDL (good) forms of cholesterol and help decrease the risk of heart disease. 3. Improves Immune SystemStudies have shown that NOPAL RED actually improves the function of the immune system. In fact, phytochemicals are powerful allies of the body's immune system, allowing it to defend the body against all types of pathogens. Lab animals given cactus juice demonstrate increased immune efficiency with regards to tumor growth, Epstein- Barr virus and suppressed immune response. The amounts of phytochemicals found in nearly MI species of cacti make nopal a highly desirable and sought after commodity. Researchers have proven that phytochemicals inhibit cancer growth and may prevent cancer from developing. it is even considered the backbone of whole-food cancer prevention. The cactus contains many of these phytochemicals in quantities greater than many other more traditional plant foods. 4. Helps with Obesity with 18 Amino AcidsNOPAL RED's 18 amino acids, 8 of which are essential and must be ingested as food, provide you with more energy and less fatigue by helping the body to lower blood sugar; elevate moods, suppress the appetite and provide nutrients. Fat build up is prevented, while fat break down and excretion is increased. Insoluble fibers such as Lignan is known for increasing satiety and eliminating excessive binges. Nopal's vegetable protein helps the body pull fluids from the tissues back into the bloodstream thereby diminishing cellulite and fluid retention. 5. Help Digestion / liver functionNOPAL RED's naturally available vitamins A, B1, 2, 3, C, minerals: Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Iron, and Fibres in Lignin, Cellulose, Hemicellulose, Pectin, Mucilage's, and Gum form along with the 17 amino acids help to detoxify and support not only the liver but also the body in general. Ammonia, free radicals and environmental toxins such as alcohol and cigarette smoke-which all suppress the immune system are removed by Nopal. Nopal also aids in the balancing and calming of the nervous system, which benefits the body's overall function. 6. Strengthens the Urinary SystemThe juice of nopal is widely used as an anti- inflammatory diuretic. Where there is pain on urination, with a continuing dull ache in the urethra and bladder well after completion, the juice can be taken to decrease the pain.SOME OTHER BENEFITS:Vegetarian Food CombiningNopal's 17 amino acids, fibers, vitamins and minerals address the needs of a vegetarian diet..Colon Cleansing:Nopal contains both soluble and insoluble dietary fibers. The insoluble dietary fiber in NOPAL (more commonly known as roughage), absorbs water and gently hastens food through the digestive track and contributes to regular bowel movements. In addition the presence of insoluble fibres in the colon help to dilute the concentration of potential carcinogens that may be present. Soluble fibers also contribute to regularity. Furthermore, NOPAL is a gentle alternative to psyllium for those with a sensitivity or allergy to psyllium.ArteriosclerosisThe effects of the amino acids and fiber, including the anti-oxidant of Nopal's vitamin C and A (B-carotene) prevents the likelihood of blood vessel wall damage and the formation of fatty plaques.Gastric Ulcers / Gastrointestinal DisordersNopal vegetable fibers and mucilage's control excess gastric acid production and protect the Gastrointestinal mucosa. This pH buffering and coating has been studied for the prevention of damages that may occur from ingesting spicy foods, aspirin and other NSAIDs.We have developed concentrated Nopal Extract, a pure nutritional supplement provides many unbelievable benefits to human health.Nopal Extract is a 100% natural product extracted from the Optician Ficus-Indica variety of Nopal, with a natural form. The process of preparing Nopal (which excludes only course insoluble fiber) is designed to retain and enhance the natural synergistic properties of Nopal. This permits concentration of the active ingredients of Nopal, including its 18 amino acids, unsaturated fats, soluble fiber (pectin in particular), and its essential vitamins and minerals.Users of Nopal Red have reported more of the following benefits:Reduction of blood sugar to normal levels Increased energy Improved sense of well-being and fitness Improved circulation Reduced cholesterol and triglycerides Reduced arthritic pain Improved urinary function Colon cleansing Help digestion decreased tendency to gain weight Improved male sexual function Suggested Use:For weight below 140 pounds (60kg): Using 1 oz. cap, Drink 1 oz. daily.For weight over 140 pounds (60kg): Using 1 oz. cap, Drink 1.5 oz. daily in the morning, and drink 0.5~1 oz in the afternoon.You can mix Nopal with your favorite juice.Description: Four Nopal Red Juice bottles. Net Weight 1 Liter each (32oz)Nopal Liquid Concentrate Ingredients: 100% Whole fruit red Nopal juice, grape fruit seed extract as a preservative, no toxins.