Item Description

100 pairs gloves with

open fingers

in pure
cosy Alpacawool knitted

top product to resell!


made with the highest quality of one of the most famous wools worldwide,

Alpacawool 100%,
in a uni color design,
a very special and wonderful Accessory.
We are able to knitt the cloves in each color you prefere!
Write us an Email with the color you wish, also mixed colors are possible!
This ultra soft cloves has been designed in a very typical, practical and perfect style to make you feel warm, pretty and look exclusive wherever you go!
Combines the beauty of the Alpaca wool with the modern style of knitting.
Alpaca Wool is one of the best around the world and it is found only in the Land of the Inkas. Now we bring it to you directly from Peru that you can enjoy of this beautiful garment which will be admired by anyone in your surround. This wool has a particular softness and wonderful appereance.
We are manufacturer for Fashion made with Alpaca and Babyalpacawool! If you have any questions, write us