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Brand New 12 Blanket Warmth (TOG) 100% White Goose Down/NO White
Goose Feather Queen Size Quilt/Doona/Comforter From FRID, Made By A

European Owned Business Since 1953 In The Industry.
This is a luxurious, exceptionally high quality winter down
comforter manufactured by FRIED.
100% down quilt tog 12!
Queen size 86"x86" (218x218 cm).
Fabric 100% combed cotton 233 thread count
with special down proof treatment.
Filling 100% pure WHITE GOOSE DOWN
Filing 1680 grams of pure White Goose Down (No
Worming power 12 togs!!!
Stitching: box stitch with 1" wall to increase
the worming power.
Packed in a nice PVC zipper bag.
When buying a down quilt DO NOT buy boxed cassette style quilts in
most cases the filling
DOES move. The filling will gravitate to the bottom row of
squares through a small gap, once the filling accumulates at the
bottom you CANNOT get the filling back up to the top and middle,
this leaves you with nothing over the top of you to keep you warm.
Having been in the industry not only making quilts but also
cleaning quilts for over 58 years we have seen many styles of
quilting. The filling in cassette boxed quilts can move within 3
months of usage. When looking for a quilt on ebay the picture will
not show this gap clearly and you really need to know what to look
When purchasing a quilt you need to consider the casing, the
filling and the blanket warmth.

Queen Size queen size 86"x86" (218x218 cm).

Filing 1680 grams of pure White Goose Down ( No

made to a 6 blanket warmth. Also perfect for the European and U.S
winters. Great for those nights when it gets below

100% white Hungarian goose down/0% white goose feather so it looks
great on the bed. Hungarian goose down along with the Polish goose
downs are considered the best it the world, with a stronger fibre
so it lasts longer and a larger cluster so it retains warmth better
than any other down. No risk of any smell like some of the Chinese
means all of the impurities have been removed allowing for a
comfortable nights sleep. Processed to the very high European
Ensures you are getting an excellent quality product!
What are tog ratings?
A 'tog' is the UK industry standard name used for classifying
the warmth of a duvet. The higher the tog rating or tog value which
the term is sometimes referred to, the warmer the duvet.
Togs are measured in units of thermal resistance. For example, if a
Goose down duvet has a tog rating of 4 then it would be more likely
be used in the summer months (in an air condition) . And at the
other end of the scale, a duvet with a tog rating of 12 would be
used in the colder months of the year.
4 tog 6
tog 7.5 tog 9 tog 10.5
tog 12 tog
Save $$ RRP is $829
right quilt should last a lifetime as long as it is looked after
and rejuvenated every 2-3 years. Do not dry clean a feather and
down quilt as the chemicals used help break down the filling much
quicker, as they dry out the natural oils in the feather and
We're so confident that you'll love our products that we'll not
only refund your money but also refund the postage costs.
Don't SPEND your money on China quality; ask Where the quilt is
made in?
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