Item Description

100% top quality Cashmere on this auction.
The bolts of Cashmere are in the colors of Hunter Green, Dark green, green plaid, Tans, Browns, Three different shades of Pink,Walnut Brown, Burgundy and Black. Money Back Guaranteed if not 100% real Cashmere.This is the quality Cashmere to make high end luxury Men's suits and ladies dresses and also be used for scarves and sweaters and many other uses for medium and thick Cashmere.
These fabrics were acquired from a High End Retail luxury import fabric store where I was able to get the entire store full of top quality name brand luxury imported fabrics.
A big THANK YOU to all my great customers on ebay who have been so nice to buy my luxury fabrics over the last few months. With 2 girls in college this is a good way for me to help pay for their education. One of them just completed her Associates degree and now working on her Bachelor's degree at the Ar State University and the other one is starting on her Associates of Arts degree in business. Once again, Thank you to all my ebay customers you are all greatly appreciated!!
I will be( and now) offering other top quality world class fabrics, silks, wools and fabric with metal and fabric with real gold in the coming weeks. If you have a particular imported fabric , color or material that you are looking for send me a message through ebay and I will list it on ebay just for you. I will be selling my high end fabrics and materials much less than you can buy it at any luxury fabric store( if you can find it) Most of this material is only sold In New York City and Los Angeles to high end clothes designers, High end retail fabric stores, wedding dress makers, Hollywood or movie and celebrity outlets. The retail price tags are still on most of them but you can buy them for less than 1/2 that price.
If you are a seamstress, wedding dress maker a suit tailor, Costume designer, Luxury Curtain designer, or have a high end fabric store, then this stuff will be just what you need to make something very fabulous and of the highest quality.
Thank you for looking and may God Bless. Check out my !