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These coins were designed and created by K.L., they are antique finished new coins. Unbendable by hands.
100 Nickel Size Brass Chinese I Ching Coins For Feng Shui. WHOLESALE
The charactors on the coins are much more defined than other samilar coins
They are strong and unbendable, thicker and heavier than the cheap ones usually found on the market
The diameter of each coin is about 21 mm. Size is exactly like a Nickel.
Product Description
You are looking at 100 smaller sized old style Chinese I Ching Coins made by real brass. These are the best quality real brass coins you can find on the market. Many coins on the market are made from cheap, brass looking, breakable material. But these coins were bought directly from China are made from real brass. They are very thick and much heavier than the cheap ones usually found on the market. These coins are strong and unbendable. They are perfect for Feng Shui use or other product making, such as jewelry, candles, watches, hanging charms, wedding deco, etc. The coins in my auctions are not antique but very authentic looking replicas. The diameter of these smaller sized coins are 21 mm, exactly like a nickel. I put a nickel in a photo so you can have a better idea of the size. Chinese coins represent the powerful union of heaven and earth. Described as being "square within and round without", these round coins, have been used as metal currency since the 11th century BC. The square shape in the center is the energy of the earth, while the circle represents the chi of heaven. Combined, they drive the power of wealth luck, and when energized, yang energy breathes precious life into them, transforming them into powerful emblems of wealth and prosperity. The Chinese characters on the coins bear the name of the reign. It is believed that these coins should ideally be chosen from the prosperous reign periods.