Item Description
This auction: 1 - 10 pound Copper Ingot bullion bar. Gold Hill Mint manufactures Nevada Copper Ingots for trade or small shops in need of small amounts of copper. We make copper bars up to 50 pounds and this auction is for our 10 pound bar. Each bar will weigh minimum 10 pounds but generally they are a few oz over because they are hand cast not automated machine cast. Each bar is stamped with the periodic table symbol and purity of .999 and each copper bar will be shipped in a flat rate USPS shipping box to the address we are directed to ship with signature confirmation of the buyer. All USA continental shipping is FREE. All non USA buyers please purchase our 8 Kilo bar for the $45.50 flat rate shipping. For larger orders you must contact the office to arrange ground freight (extra charge). If you have questions please e-mail. To make a purchase or for additional information please visit our copper web site Gold Hill Mint Assay Office was established in Nevada in 1865 and we now are making our products available on the internet.   We accept most major credit cards.