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1. Lose upto 15 lbs in a month
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Zhendeshou fat loss weight loss slimming product
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zhendeshou ,Fat Loss:
1,Consuming surplus fat
2,Curbing the absorbtion of fat reduce weight, simple obesity, adolescence obesity and brief description
Zhen de Shou is a kind of botanical slimming medicine. It is originated in the old and mysterious primitive of Shenogjia where there grows a plant called - crategus pinnatifida, which is also popularly called Shenxianye (fairyleaves). Local people are all familiar with the experience that if a person takes (eats) fairy leaves for a week, he will reduce weight by 1.5-4 kg.
Usage ang dosage
Taken once a day half an hour before breakfast.
INGREDIENT : Crategus pinnatifida, safflower, gingko-nut, cassia seed and alga (luoxuanzao in Chinese), Konjacflour.
period of validity : 24 months
Specifications : 250 mg capsules *10 capsules
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