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Detailed Product Description Paiyouji plus This article
is to choose to use the evil power of, low gather the suger, malt,
the chitin, meal fiber, apple withdraws the thing, the vitamin C,
vitamin E, the vitamin B2 is a raw material. Was have by the
American gene biomedical science technique research center the
professor of lasts many year clinic researches, making use of the
modern crest the sharp living creature medicine withdraws the
technique, passing the national drugs, the new generation that
standard attestation business enterprise of the food GMP produce
have the row oil, reduce weight blunt of the smooth bowel, the face
beauty function a type. The result is quick, taking effect on that
day. The fruit augment grow the vitamin formulation, balanced
nourishment, nourish more effectively skin, absorb the oil weight
reduction, the safety is not poisonous, is to deal with vulgar call
"the water pail waist" and " the general belly", " elephant leg".
Of the latest type health food that has to keep the weight
reduction to look after both side article. [Main raw material] evil
power of, low gather the sugar, malt, chitin, the meal fiber, apple
withdraws the thing, living the plain C, vitamin E, vitamin B2
[Rules Space] 1GS/ wrap the * 18 pack [Care the function]
hairdressing, weight reduction [Fit crowd] the simplicity fat,
puberty obese and postnatal periods obese. Suit to be so called the
water pail waist specially, will the obese of the soldier belly,
the elephant leg...etc. [Edible method] every day once, every time
1, in morning use. Just the right amount of with blunt boiled water
or bubble is in the gruel together. Take all can. (attention: In
order to have no color or the powder form of the thin yellow, this
article the flavor is sweet to take the bitterness slightly) [Store
method] place in the cool and dry place to keep Questions often
asked Is it better to take the pai you ji with blunt boiled water
or with the porridge? Both are ok. Blunt boiled water will save
your time and make full use of the product Why should you take it
half an hour before the meal? Fatness and high blood fat are caused
by not being able to control the appetite. Taking the pai you ji
delays the empty of the stomach, makes you feel full and controls
the appetite Why should you drink one cup of water after taking pai
you ji Pai you ji is hydrotropic substance. One cup of water make
it woks better Will it rebound after flatten the abdomen It will
not easily rebound under normal eating. But when you eat a lot,
your abdomen might be fat again. If you take it regularly in the
periods, it won't rebound When taking pai you ji, you lose half of
the appetite, will, it cause malnutrition? No, pai you ji contains
microelement, such as several vitamins, calcium, and zinc, which
provide enough nutrition for the human body. Meanwhile, it doesn't
produce heat or fat. So the effect of slimming the abdomen is quite