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10,000 eBooks Collection with FULL RESELL RIGHTS

This package is everything you need to start your own business on eBay reselling information products.

You will be getting more than 130 hot-selling titles, which consist of thousands of ebooks, software and templates.

If you are already reselling information products, it's more certain than not, that you do not have all these products. Stop buying them for $5 each! Get all of them here, with this package and save huge!!

All eBooks here come with Resell Rights or Master Resell Rights.



'21 Success Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires'
*Audio Version* by Brian Tracy.
The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires
The common principles and practices of all men and women who become millionaires in one generation.

Retail value: $19.95

'50 E-zine Publishers Interviewed by Dirk Dupon.

Contains interviews with 50 famous E-zine or Newsletter Publishers, who all have at least 1,000 subscribers -some of them have
over 100,000 subscribers!
All these people reveal how they sign up new subscribers, and explain which tools and
proven methods they use to save time maintaining their publishing tasks.
Retail value: $9.97


20 Dreamweaver HTML Templates.

Retail value: $9.97

'7 love & Sex & Dating Ebooks.
1) How to be Successful with Women
2) Coping with a small penis
3) How to give any women Orgazms
4) How to make sex last longer
5) Great tip for dating success
6) Making Cash with your own dating website
7) Guide to online dating
Retail value: $35.00

'99 Websites You Should Have Bookmarked..but Probably Don't Plus 8 Tips every online business owner needs to read by Ryan Deiss.
These "99 Websites" appeared as SiteSightings in my "Webs Worth Watching" Newsletter. In case you don't know, a SiteSighting is any website that provides REAL VALUE to online business owners. website no included.

Retail value: $14.97

100+ Webpage Templates + 99 Banners

Websites In a Box...
What you get is 100+ good looking Professional Webpage templates...WITH FULL RESELL RIGHTS...

Retail value: $9.97

325 Flash Auctions by
EZ TO USE. Get more bids! Add Flash to your Auctions.

Over 325 Designs!

Retail value: $14.95

400 Hot Selling Website Plus 100+ Banners

Package includes =100+ eCommerce Website Templates
& 100+ Banners for advertising + 100 logos
We have pre-built websites already to use. You can also build your own with the templates supplied.
42 have been built already for you. You also have 8 different types of websites which can be pasted into templates which would give you a total of 600.
Travel Sites = Bahama/Orlando Packages
Health Sites = Metabosafe/Viag-Erex
Web Template Sites =over 100 templates
Promotion sites = Popunder traffic/popover traffic
Retail value: $37.00

597 Business Letters - A complete letter library

597 Ready To Use Sales Letters and Business Forms .

With the 597 Business Letters Library you will never be at a loss for words. This easy to use collection provides you with almost any type of business letter you can imagine. Just select the document you need and change the names and address to suit your needs.
Retail value: $34.95

650 Ebay Auction HTML Templates with HTML Editor Software.
Welcome to the NEW way to develop HTML auctions! We have been hard at work developing some pretty intense templates for you to use in all different types of auctions.

Retail value: $19.97

Autoresponder Magic by Yanik Silver.

Email autoresponders work like a fax-on-demand system. Maybe you've seen the systems where you call from your fax machine and dial a certain code and you'll get back a document in your fax machine? Well, an email autoresponder works the same way. If you send an email to an autoresponder address you'll get back a prewritten message.

Retail value: $17.00


Achieving Lift Off by Allan Wilson.

How To Make Your Own Ebooks Take The Short-Cut To Success With Reprint Rights Maximize Your Profits From Affiliate Programs How To Create Your Own Website Two Horror Stories About Webhosting and How You Can Avoid Them Discover How Easy It Is To Have A Third Party Merchant Account You Must Use Pay Per Click Search Engines You Must Build An Email List and Follow Up Your Contacts You Must Have Good Customer Service Free Traffic Generators To Get You Started How To Learn More About Internet Marketing Action Plan If You Are Completely New Action Plan For The More Experienced We Present a Summary of All The Expert Advice.

Retail value: $27.00

Automatic Money by Dustin Struckman.

Discover How You Can Earn Piles of Cash 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week - Even While You Sleep
For just $24.77 USD you'll get the Best Automation Manual Ever Written. Plus you can Resell this Course and Keep 100% of the Profits!

Retail value: $24.77



Auction Explosion by Maria Vowell.

I'm going to show you how you can make $400.00 to $1,200.00 dollars per week by creating and selling books you've written on ebay and Yahoo, the giants of on-line auctions. These are easy goals to obtain following my secret techniques.
And don't worry; you don't have to be a professional author in order to write a book. It's easy to do and I'm going to show you how!

Retail value: $ 17.00

Black Belt Web Marketing by EM Publishing.

A Step-by-Step Daily Action Plan To Turbo Charge Your Web Business. Here's what's covered in Black Belt Web Marketing...
Lesson 1 ? Developing a Plan for Increasing Web Traffic.
Lesson 2 ? Registering Your Web Site
Lesson 3 ? Announcing Your Web Event
Lesson 4 ? Increasing Web Traffic with Classified Ads
Lesson 5 ? Populating the Internet with Links to Your Site
Lesson 6 ? Developing a Database of Content-Rich Resources
Lesson 7 ? Participating in Internet Discussion Groups
Lesson 8 ? Using Email to Generate Web Traffic
Lesson 9 ? Publicizing Your Event to the Media
Lesson 10 ? Advertising Online
Lesson 11 ? Achieving Long Term Success
Appendix A ? Glossary of Terms
Appendix B ? Additional Resources
Appendix C ? Media List and Site Reviewers
Appendix D ? Search Tips
Appendix E ? Extra Exercise Forms
Appendix F ? Web Traffic Idea Generator
Appendix G ? Web Traffic Plan Presentation

Retail value: $37.00

Be Your Own Boss

"Be Your Own Boss" is an ebook about inventing your own successful home-based business based on your own individual strengths and your passion. It covers over 80 topics related to growing your home-based business online.

I have integrated"Be Your Own Boss" into an archive of almost 2,000 articles written by well known, full time Internet marketing professionals. In addition, I included access to over 60 months archives to the Internet Marketing Newsletter.

Retail value: $29.95

Create Instant PDF by June Yeap

Welcome to "Create Instant PDF" - A Complete List of Over 23 Free To Nearly Free Tools that Let You Create PDF eBooks Almost Instantly!
still No PDF Download Option For Your Customers Because Your Brain Just Shrivels Up When You Try To Buy/Use Adobe Acrobat software?
Now, You Can Point And Click Your Way To Instant, Hassle-Free PDF Publishing ... Using One of The 23 Free To Nearly Free Tools!

Retail value: $17.00

Don Lapre Info Reports by Cash.In Net.
You have before you, a few of the reports that Don Lapre sells on tv that helped make him a millionaire! Will you be the next self made millionaire? Only time will tell but you are one step closer with these reports!
Retail value: $14.95

Extreme Package 3.0 Success Kit For Auction. by Garrie Wilson. (package ebooks)
The greatest package consisting of some of the best ebooks on auctions with complete resell rights. A total value of over $130.00...
Consisting of the following book titles:
Retail value: $24.95


This ebook will show you how to sell on ebay, when to sell on ebay, tricks to sell on ebay, advertise your website for free on ebay, creating professional auctions on ebay and on and on and on! without website.

Retail value: $29.95

Ezine Success! by Steven Schwartzman.
Discover *exactly* how YOU can use my closely guarded techniques to cash in on the most effective eZine advertising ever invented!
I'll show you *Step-By-Step* how to produce at least 5 times the results that you would from conventional eZine advertising!
Retail value: $19.95

Ezine Blaster -Advertise FREE to over 180,000 every week! (package ebooks) by Paul Knapp.
Step by step, you'll build a complete network of FREE TARGETED ADVERTISING that will explode the Internet Sales of any product AND we give you FULL RESELL rights to the most In-Demand product on the Internet today! OUR SYSTEM IS FOOLPROOF!
Retail value: $24.95

Free To Sell 5.03/ 6.02 (2000-2002) by Tom Hua.
(6000+ ebooks-package)
complete with sales letter website for 28 ebooks
Retail value: $ 49.97


Gary Shawkey's Secrets by Gray & Gavin.

Let GaryShawkey and His Number One Student Brian Garvin Take You By The Hand and Show You Every Secret Brian Uses To Make Over $15,000 Monthly From Affiliate Programs.

Retail value: $ 29.95

HTML Code Guard by Bogdan Ravaru.
How To Surround Your HTML Code With Barb-Wire And Double Your Affiliate Profits. Would You Trust A US Navy Guard To Watch Over Your Email Address, Affiliate Links And Thank-You Pages? What it does is keep your website and your profits safe from Internet pickpockets!

Retail value: $37.00

How to Win the War of Internet Marketing by Pryor & Fox.
You will discover how to easily create the life you desire in less than 1 year. You get every tip and trick we use ourselves to create $20,000+ each and every month! You will learn exactly what to do to succeed using this simple step by step guide from sourcing a product to launching your own company on the web.

Retail value: $ 17.00

Hit the Net Running by Ricky Allen

Discover The Secret Of How You Can Start Your Own Low Cost High Quality Internet Business Quickly And Easily

Learn How You Can Be Up And Running And Making Money 48 Hours From Now

See Exactly How Your New Business Will Make You Money And Continue To Make You Money Even While You Sleep

Order Today and you receive ROYALTY-FREE RESELL RIGHTS to sell this product and keep 100% of every sale..

Retail value: $14.95

If I Can..Anybody Can' by Gray Shawkey with P.J Russell.

The incredible story of one man's struggle to succeed
and what it takes to turn personal dreams into reality.

Gary Shawkey has helped thousands of people conquer their fears, master the art of making the right choices in life, and create successful