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ForsaleisMondial Slim Belt Fitness Massager - Weight Loss - It is a High Performance Slimming Belt


1 x Free Bioexcel Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant


1 x Free Bioexcel Bio Energy 3000+ Negative Ions Charge Card


2x Free Bioexcel Anti Radiation Stickers


The set includes: Massage slimming belt / Extension belt / Controller / AC adaptor

+ Free

Bioexcel Quantum Energy Pendant with online registration

+ Free

Bio Energy Charge Card

Anti Radiation Stickers

If you buy2 QTY means,2 Mondial Slim Belt Fitness Massager - Weight Loss, we will add a free Bioexcel Premium quantum Magnetic Bracelet OR a free Bioexcel Premium Quantum Pendant worth OR Premium Zero Point Nano Wand OR Bioexcel Energy Nano Cup worth $149.90


Slim Belt Fitness Massager - Weight Loss

The Patented Twin Power MONDIAL is a brilliant invention that capitalizes on symmetrical double-point massage. Its two separate massagers provide a well-balanced treatment, zapping away unwanted fats at your tummy, butt, thighs and other area’s more effectively and efficiently.

The Twin Power MONDIAL also gives you a harmonious massage like no other, returning you a deserved relaxation after a hard day’s work. You can feel an instant difference because the oscillating motion distinguishes itself from conventional devices that rely merely on vibration.

With warm air circulating around the essential point of contact, sit back and feel recharged with an improved blood circulation. Chase away lactic acid and relieve muscle fatigue with this exclusive heating function.

Your personal uZap is elaborately coded with a heat-balancing act- the 4 ventilation outlets fitted within the belt allow a quick regulation of heat, maintaining optimum performance while you zap.