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1 x�Authentic Bioexcel Germanium Ions� Scalar Energy Power and Performance Wristband Bracelet (5 Colors available. Adjustable size for Childern or Adults) + 1 x Free Bioexcel Bio Energy 3000+ Negative Ions Charge Card + 2�x Free Bioexcel Anti Radiation Stickers � 4-5 DAYS�EXPRESS�DELIVERY WORLDWIDE �
+ Free
Bio Energy Charge Card
Anti Radiation Stickers
� Why buy from China? Or why buy a cheap no brand�product when you can obtain a genuine brand @ great price? � � If you buy�2 Qty, we will add�1 more free Germanium Ions Bracelet for you �
If you buy�3 Qty, we will add�1 more free Germanium Ions Bracelet + 1 x Free Bioexcel Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant �
If you buy�5 Qty, we will add�3 more free Germanium Ions Bracelets + 1 x Free Bioexcel Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant �
SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE IMAGES � Any Questions? Or Wholesale inquiries? Please message us and we will respond back within 30 min � We will impress you with our fast and superior customer service � � �
�What is�Bioexcel Germanium Ions �������� Noproblem Bracelet?
Bioexcel Germanium Ions Noproblem Bracelet is a performance based technology that uses Scalar Energy - Negative Ions embedded together with Germanium beads on the bracelet which react positively with your body's natural energy field to improve balance, strength and flexiblity. Some people are able to experience the effect simply by holding or drinking a product embedded with Negative Ions. Simple kinesiological muscle testing may be used to determine the effects on balance, strenght, flexiblity and range of motion. � This Bioexcel Germanium Ions Noproblem bracelet comes with following attributes:
100% Surgical grade Silicone wristband
Made with a stretch feature that extends easily over your hand
It is a good quality product and can be used for a long time
Sleek and Stylish designs available in various colors
Allows your body to interact with natural, beneficial frequency stored within the hologram
Reduces Inflammation
Enhances Blood Circulation
Enhances the Detoxification
Boosts the Immune and Endocrine Systems
Restores, increases and Stablizes Energy�

Improves cellular nutrient absorption
Strengthened Immunities against EMF Attacks (cellphone, Computer etc)
Bettr Focus and Concentration
Helps Protecting DNA
Helps retarding ageing process
Reduce Jetlag effects
Helps fighting cancer cells
� You can see Germanium Beads Germanium is good for health. Good for skin and good source of energy � EVERY BRACELET COEMS IN A GREAT INDIVIDUAL PACKAGING � This is the most effective way to get the most out of the Ion Technology built in the bracelet � + FREE BIO ENERGY CHARGE CARD� �Always keep this in your pocket next to mobile phone. They will keep you energetic with 2000+ negative Ions and will absorb Mobile radiations See the video evidence of Negative Ions in Bioexcel Bio Energy Charge Card - Between 2000 to 3500 is what we expect

+ FREE 2�x BIOEXCEL ANTI RADIATION STICKERS They will keep you safe from harmful EMF Radiations from electronic devices including mobile phones and will absorb Mobile battery heat
See the video evidence of Negative Ions in Bioexcel Anti Radiation Stickers

� We welcome wholesale inquiries. We are the biggest distributor of these products and have many dealers around the world �
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