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1 P.M. (1972)

"When Godard met Pennebaker in '68 he insisted they document The New American Revolution which he believed was right around the corner. Soon it dawned on Jean-Luc that it wasn't gonna happen and he abandoned the film. He also didn't take to Pennebaker's shakey camera style. The revolution won't be hand-held! A few years later, Pennebaker picked up the pieces and finished the film according to his vision. The result is more of a fly-on-the-wall 'making of' the original intended agit prop project. Features Rip Torn, Eldridge Cleaver, Leroi Jones and 'Big Business.' The Jefferson Airplane do an illegal rooftop concert in midtown Manhattan (a year before the Beatles' Let It Be) that's quickly busted by the fuzz. Often fascinating. I'm mean, it's not everyday you see Rip Torn dressed as a Confederate soldier attempting to radicalize a classroom of black teens while Godard directs the action from a desk in the back of the room. Wow!"

picture: 7/10

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