Item Description
I ship this within 24 hours of recieving your payment (or the
same day) by 1st class or Priority mail in US. This is for one
Battery.Shipment to anywhere in continental US is $3.99, to Canada
$4.99. Anywhere else in the world, $9.00.Check my feedbacks as a
proof. Please check my other items. I am selling Swivel sweepers,
Batteries,Chagers and all parts, handles, cleaning piece, sweeper's
tray.....You can send me email for price quotes.Attention!!!
Please, These battries are universal as long as you have your
charger.This is for one new charger of Swivel Sweeper. These are
not coming in a package, since theyare taken from a brand new box
of swivel sweepers that a part (like a handle,etc...) was missing;
These are tested for perfect perfomanceI have more of these.Please
check my other items on sale, you can save drastically on combined