Item Description
TRT PRECIOUS METALSGOLD GRAIN CROWN COIN24 KARAT GOLD THIS 1 GRAIN COIN OF PURE 24 KARAT GOLDWITH GOLD & SILVER PRICES BLOWING THROUGH THE ROOF, THESE WON'T BE AVAILABLE FOR LONG AT THESE PRICES.GREAT INVESTMENT  1 Grain (plus) of 999.9 pure gold, featuring a hand stamped CROWN design. These are circular, similar to a coin, disc shaped about 8.0 mm in diameter with a thickness of about 0.125 mm. These are VERY SMALL, but they each contain one troy grain (or more) of pure 24 kt solid gold! If you have an accurate scale you can remove it from the holder and weigh it yourself to see that all of the 1 grain products I sell measure at least 1.0 grain and higher. They are presented in a 2" x 2" non-pvc coin holder for your viewing and storage convenience. (The dime in the picture is not included but shown only for reference of the size of the grain of gold.) These are handmade in the USA. The source of pure gold comes from certified 999.9 Credit Suisse and Pamp Suisse Gold bars, which are melted at over 1947.52 °F degrees Fahrenheit, poured while glowing molten hot into molds, formed into ingots for rolling stock, rolled out under extreme pressure into sheets of precise thickness, annealed, cut on a blanking press, polished, hand stamped, and individually weighed to ensure you get the full indicated bullion weight, or more. 1 GRAIN 24K PURE SOLID GOLD .999 FINE GOLD These small round gold bars are a great way to accumulate gold over time, especially for the investor who is just starting to accumulate gold or who cannot afford to jump in buying a full troy ounce at nearly $1,400.00 per oz! The small size of these round bars makes them very private and portable and they are an excellent store of value. They are useful as a barter trade item. In a barter or trading situation you could exchange one of these for other items such as a full meal or a couple cups of fancy gourmet coffee. It would be nice to have a stack of these as a hedge against the falling dollar and other world currencies. Gold prices have gone up about six fold since year 2001 and are continuing to rise. Now is your chance to begin accumulating gold in this convenient form.For your reference and convenience, here are some important conversion factors which are commonly used in the trading of precious metals: There are 480 troy grains (gr or gn) per troy ounce (t oz). There are 15.43 troy grains (gr or gn) per gram (g or gm). There are 31.1034768 grams (g or gm) per troy ounce (t oz.).