Item Description
Pamp Suisse Gold 1oz Bar
999.9 Pure 31.10g 24kt
Welcome To Cactus Coins & Bullion:
Here is a Pamp Suisse 1 full troy oz 31.10grams pure 999.9 24kt  bar each bar is numbered and sealed with is own Assay number so each one is different this is stock photo. Gold prices have broken it' 52 week high just as I have been saying all along Just where do you thing it is going very soon guess higher today May 14, 2010 if it breaks  back over the price it set over the pond yesteday which was $1252.40 we could really see gold take another rise closing closer to $1300.00 per ounce With the US Dollar taking a back seat to The Austrailian & Canadian Dollars gold will be going higher and who knows where it will stop. What do you think will happen when the US raises the intrest rate I am  shure gold prices will just fly higher as inflation rises. Do not miss your chance to own gold before the price goes much higher. If your looking for 1 bar or 1,000 bars we are ready to ship. Full details read below ie Payments & Shipping & None payment of sale legal contracts
Payment & Shipping:
Please have items paid for with in 5 to 7 days if more time is needed just ask. I ship items by usps priority mail small flat rate box $4.95 on larger orders they ship by registered mail insured (5 To 8) days t ship...Also a signature conformation $2.40 For larger orders we ship by regestered mail wait for your invoice before paying. I belive items should be insured if you choose not to items ship at your own risk. We will not refund or replace lost or stolen items. Shipping out side the US we make it quite clear there is on way to track items to most countrys outside the US once the package ships if lost or stolen we will not refund or replace items if lost or stolen. Most countryies do not have bar code reader systems so once it leaves my hands there is nothing I can do. Also do not ask us to falsely fill out coustomes forms the duty fees are yours to pay we do not have any control over that. If you have family here in the us we can ship to them and the can ship it to you.
There is no returns on Bullion so if you have questions please ask. Once you make an offer or buy any thing from this store you must complete the sale on items over $300 dollars we will persue any and all means to collect debts even court remember when you make offers or hit the botton to buy it is a legal and binding contract. Thanks