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$1000 Supermarket Coupon Books

You no longer have to spend countless hours finding a coupon in newspapers. These certificates can take care of your grocery shopping needs - from frozen foods and fresh produce, to cleaning supplies and beauty products. You should be spending your time doing the things you really enjoy.
These days with the rising price of everything it's more important to get the best offer possible. Shopping with coupons can save lots of money.
$1000 Supermarket Magic is valid at any supermarket. You are GUARANTEED to save $1000 on the groceries of your choice. Have you ever been in line at your supermarket and a customer in front of you had a coupon for every item in their shopping cart? That customer was using this program. Why is it that less than 1% of American families know about this offer, yet 90% of all households use grocery coupons? Everyone thinks that local newspapers are the only source of grocery coupons. The truth is, local papers contain less than 10% of the coupons available from the manufacturers on brand name grocery products.
Manufacturers spend BILLIONS in newspaper advertising to offer over $300 billion worth of grocery coupons every year. However, Consumers saved less than $2 billion by using these coupons. Since 90% of All households use coupons weekly, it’s clear that consumers are not getting all the savings that are really available to them. The reason is that with newspaper coupons, savings are by chance, not choice. Now you can select the savings on the products you need when you need them. You select the groceries you want to buy from a list of national brand name products. No more clipping coupons to save on a few items. This program is guaranteed to save you over $1000.00. It makes good economical sense to save on the necessities of life.
To redeem our Grocery certificate, simply fill it out and mail it in along with a $10.00 processing, postage and handling fee to receive your grocery saving book. You can also redeem online. All instructions are on your certificate.

The winning bidder will receive the certificate which gives you the instructions you to access the $1000 savings book.


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