Item Description
If You Are Unable To Play (Use) Your Xbox 360 Due To The Red Ring of Death (3 Flashing Lights) OR Are Experiencing Error E74, Then Look No Further For A Solution. We Will Service Your Xbox 360 & Repair The Problem So You Will NOT Have The Dreaded RROD Or E74 Error Anymore. You Will Have A FULLY Functional Xbox 360 After We Are Done With It. The Process Will Take About 3 To 5 Hours. Upon Repairing The Console, The Console Will Be Bench Tested Out. Bench Testing Usually Runs For About 15-45 Minutes. If You Are Out Of Your Warranty, Microsoft Will Charge $100+ For This Service And Will Take A Mere 2-3 Days To Get A Return Box, 5 Days Or So To Repair, And Another 5 Or So Days To Get It Back To You. About 2 Weeks Or So To Get Your Xbox Back w/ Microsoft. With Us, Most Consoles Are Serviced The Same Day They Are Received; If Not The Following Day. We Are Fully Liable For The Console; If Something Goes Wrong During The Repair, We Will Make It Right (Though It Will Not; I Alone Have Repaired Well Over 1000+ Consoles Within The Past 5 Years, Therefore I Am VERY Confident With The Work That I Do). Upon Repair, An Invoice Will Be Generated With The Work That Has Been Done & Also Include Warranty Information For Yourself As Well As For Our Records. We Will Offer A 90 Day Warranty With Our Service(s) NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

* * * Freezing, Game Glitches, Pixelation * * *

* * * RROD (Red Ring of Death-3 Red Flashing Lights (Top Left, Bottom Left, & Bottom Right Quadrants Flashing Red)) * * *

* * * E74 (GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) OR Scaler Chip Related) (Bottom Right Quadrant Flashing Red) * * *

* * * Overheating (Top Left & Bottom Left Quadrants Are Flashing Red) * * *

* * * Sound But NO Video Problem (You Can Hear Sound, But All You Have Is A Black Screen) * * *
* * * 12v Fan Upgrade (12v Fan Upgrade Increases The Fan To A Constant 12v Speed So It Spins At Higher RPMs (The Fan Will Be A Bit Louder) But I Have Left Consoles Running For Well Over 6 Hours After Performing The Upgrade & The Heat Sinks Are NOT Hot What-So-Over. By Default, Microsoft Has The Fan Speed Set At 5v; Unfortunately, That Does Not Keep The System Cool Enough From Running Into Overheating Problems Overtime. (Will Be Included FREE Of Charge For A Limited Time) * * *
* * * R.F. Module L.E.D. Upgrade (Choose Colors From Purple, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, White, or Orange) (Change The Default Boring Green To Something More Your Style) $15 * * *
* * * Stuck DVD Drive Tray (Tray Will Not Open Unless Tapping The Top Of The Console) -$20 * * *

* * * DVD Upgrade -$25 * * *

* * * DVD Drive Problems/Errors (Open Tray Error) -$35 * * *

* * * DVD Drive Laser Replacement -$50 * * *

* * * DVD Drive Replacement -$65 OR $35 If You Provide The Additional Drive * * *
We Use An ACTUAL Reflow Machine For Repairing The Console; This Is NOT The "X-Clamp Replacement" That Everyone Is Familiar With Via YouTube (That Is Only A Temporary Fix & Will Sooner Or Later Fail). We COMPLETELY Strip The Console Down To The Motherboard & Remove ALL Debris & Dust Using Air Spray; Clean Up The Chips (GPU & CPU) From Original Factory Thermal Paste; Put The Motherboard Onto Our Reflow Station; Once Completed, We Use ARCTIC SILVER 5 Thermal Compound Paste And Put Back Together & Bench Test.
We Will Offer A 90 Day Warranty With Our Service(s); NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Buyer Is Responsible For Shipping The Console Out For Repair. If At Anytime Within The 90 Day Warranty, The Console Needs Repaired (Though It Should NOT), Buyer Is Again, Responsible For Shipping The Console Back To Us & We Will Take Care Of Shipping The Console Back To You Upon 2nd Repair.SHIPPING INFORMATION The Price Of The Service For RROD & E74 Is $39.99

Shipping is FREE

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