Item Description
Brand Name:no brand

Model Number:t7


material:ABS plastic

function:work for ink refilling
Ink volume reference:
BC-02: 15ml
BX-2: 15ml
BC-03: 15ml
BX-3: 15ml

Operation steps:
Insert Inkjet Cartridge
Insert the nozzle part of the cartridge into the refill clip and push the top of the cartridges all the way in until you hear it “clicking” into place.

Remove Inlet Cover for BC-02/BX-2
Use the gimlet to drill into the inlet cover at the side of the cartridge. And remove it to create an ink injection inlet.

Pushing in metal ball for BC-03/BX-3
Use the pushing pin/gimlet to push in the metal ball on the side of the cartridge to create an ink injection inlet.

Refilling ink
Insert the injection needle deep into the ink injection inlet of the specific color, with the needle directed towards the nozzle.
Pull up the injection needle about 5mm backward, and then slowly inject around 15ml ink.

Warning: The ink volume specified above is for a completely empty cartridge.

Stabilize Internal Pressure
Connect the syringe to the rubber hole of the refill clip, and slowly suck out internal air until 0.5ml of ink is filled in the syringe.
Remove the cartridge from the refill clip and clean the excessive ink around the nozzle, dabbing the nozzle part on soft tissue.
Install the cartridge into the printer, and run “head cleaning” process before use.