What happens after I file a dispute?

After a buyer files a dispute, the seller account will be restricted until he/she replies to the dispute and resolve the issue. Additional communication should be posted on the item detail page.

If the seller is unresponsive and you feel that you've given the seller an adequate amount of time to resolve the issue, please provide a rating to the seller.

If you're requesting a refund, please request it from the seller. Sellers are responsible for issuing refunds and resolving issues. iOffer provides sellers stores; we do not handle sales of items, receive payments, or ship items.

For further assistance, you may want to file a dispute through your payment service provider:

For credit card purchases, call your bank or card company to request a charge back.

For PayPal purchases, you can file a buyer complaint within 45 days. Note this deadline to request a charge back. Visit the PayPal Buyer Complaint Process.

For other services, please contact their customer service for assistance.

Please review our Buyer Safety Guide for additional resources.

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