How do I pay for a purchase?

You can either negotiate the price of the item by clicking Make Offer or purchase it instantly by clicking Buy Now. If the seller accepts your offer or you click Buy Now, you're obligated to complete the transaction.

All of your purchases can be found under My iOffer > Buying > Items Bought.

Click Checkout to pay for your purchase. If the button's not available, you can click Contact Seller and request an invoice or payment instructions from the seller.



On the following page, enter your email address, confirm your shipping address and choose a payment method to complete the transaction. Payment options will vary depending on the payment methods your seller accepts.


If the seller is unable to receive payment, contact the seller to ensure that their payment account is setup properly. You can also contact the seller on the negotiation page to receive alternate payment instructions.

For your safety, only pay for your purchases using a secure payment method. DO NOT pay outside of iOffer using Western Union or a direct bank/wire transfer.


We recommend confirming your payment by clicking Mark Item Paid on the transaction page. Doing so will provide both iOffer and the seller with your payment details.


If you no longer wish to proceed with a purchase, you can cancel the transaction by clicking Cancel Transaction on the transaction page. Buyers are permitted 6 cancellations per month.

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