Seller Promotional Tools

Want more ways to promote your store and items? Try using the following tools:


Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace

List an item and share it with your friends! Social Network Settings

Store Widget

Customize a store widget and post it on your blogs and websites.

Actively participate on social networks and forums; include your store URL in the signature of your posts and emails.

Popular blogs and forums:

Blogger   Wordpress   Digg   delicious   reddit   Technorati   StumbleUpon

iOffer Profile Banners

Add a profile banner to your blogs and websites.

Invite Your Friends

Send an invitation email to your friends, family, and past customers. Let them know about your new iOffer store.

Google AdWords

Create sponsored ads to promote your items in Google search results.

Search Engine Directories

Submit your store's URL to popular search engine directories:

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