How much does it cost to sell?

Listing items is FREE on iOffer. We only charge a small percentage when an item is sold. However, sellers are required to place a credit card on file to list in all categories. If you don't have a credit card you can pre-pay your seller account with $20.00: Pre-Pay Your Account


Fee Structure

Please refer to our Fees and Credit Policy for the latest updates on our fee structure.

Seller Fees: We invoice on the 1st of every month only if your balance for seller fees is $2.00 or more. Your card will be charged on the 9th unless you manually make the payment before this date.

Fees are due regardless of whether payments from buyers having been received. Non-Paying Buyer ratings can be filed to receive a credit refund of your seller fees.

How do I pay for seller fees? Visit your account page Here. Click the red make payment button (viewable if your balance is $2.00 or more). You may pay by credit card, Paypal, check or money order. Please note: Do Not go to the Paypal site to pay us directly, only payments processed through the ’Make Payment‘ button on your account page will be credited to your account.


Premium Listing Service Fees

Promote your items and store with our premium listing service. All listing enhancements lasts 30 days.

Homepage Featured  $19.95
Category Featured  $9.95
Highlight  $2.00
Bold  $1.00

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