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Auction is for    5 OUST Mini Air Sanitizer Bathroom Refills  Outdoor Scent- .40oz. (11.3g)  ***Refills w/o packaging but are full,new and unused***

5(five)refills per purchase!!!

Fits OUST Bathroom air sanitizer dispenser unit...need a new dispenser? Just ask and I'll send one free with your purchase!

Small and discreet odor eliminating spray you can take along with you or use wherever you have annoying odors.

**Shipping is $2.25 per set,$1.50 each additional set**

Oust® Family of Products gets odors out, whether you want to kill odor-causing bacteria in the air or provide continual odor elimination all day long. From the bathroom to the nursery, from moldy odors to pet smells, Oust® products snuff out annoying odors and keep your home smelling fresh and clean. Trust Oust® products to get your household odors out!

Shipping is for U.S. only at this time

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