Item Description
 Very nice Christmas Collector plate!  From
American Greetings Corporation, It comes in a little case which
reads on the back: Designers Collection American Greetings Lasting
Memories Fine Porcelain    The date of the plate is
1984, in roman numeral form on the back (yeah, I cheated and used
an online converter...)  It is still in the package with the
plastic still on it, but the bottom of the plastic covering in the
front has been ripped open (should be visible in the pic). Still,
it's in the wrapper and hasn't been opened. It reads on the front
"The beauty of Christmas fills the world with joy" and you can see
in the pic the design of the farm on the front.  It's not the
size of a normal size plate, but smaller, like a small plate but
bigger than a saucer, if that helps.  Still has a Kmart price
tag on the back as well.  Not sure if this is worth anything
or not, didn't find any info online about it.  But I'm still
doing some spring cleaning and the plate has got to go. 
Shipping is higher so I can start the bidding at .99. That way, I
don't get blasted with ebay fees, just to explain the shipping
cost. I just basically did my listing the other way around, but
still is the same price I would be asking if I listed it the other
way.  Not much else to say, except, as always, paypal only,
and...   HAPPY BIDDING!!!