Item Description

This is an unofficial DVD set of the 1981 BEST OF THE WEST series. The series was on for 1 season (22 episodes).  This set is all of the episodes on 6 DVDs.  I originally taped this series when it was run on Comedy Central back in the late '80s.  I transferred them to DVD.  I built them with menus, chapter stops and created the DVD artwork for the covers.  I spent a lot of time getting this set prepared.  I believe it's the only one like it.  There is one seller in Australia who is selling all the episodes...but be careful, he is selling them in the PAL format and it doesn't work on most USA players (USA doesn't use PAL), and his set doesn't have the fancy menus and artwork.

The quality is an 8 out of 10 on most episodes.  Some better, some not.

This is NOT an official release...because it hasn't been officially released.
I accept GOOGLE CHECKOUT or mpayy, checks and money orders, as well as a few other verified online payment methods.  Shipping is $5.05 for USA.  Outside the USA it's $13.50.