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I have a huge collection of (200 releases from early Syd Barrett through 2000s solo tours), all Pink Floyd, Roger Waters David Gilmour solo shows. All of them are fairly recent re-masters from England, on professional Silver CDs They are the best sounding and looking versions of these releases I've ever come across in 30 years of collecting. Contact me for a full list of what's available, I've pasted the full list below but some of them are sold out (I need to update the list). $15 each if you buy 5 or more, and FREE SHIPPING in the US. I will combine shipping, as many as you want for the one shipping cost. Paypal or Money Order only. Pictures are below contact me for a complete list of what I have left.

I may also be interested in selling the lot all at once for $12 per title.

SECTION 1:   Most rare/fewest units remaining:
1. Manchester United Journey--Manchester England June 22, 1969--There are so few good recordings from pre 1970...and this is one of the very few recordings of their "Man and the Journey" collage, and one of the only decent recordings of it (the best being Amsterdam '69 in sound board/broadcast quality).   This one is certainly an audience recording, but is very clear and highly experimental.   During some of the louder bits when the full band is thrashing away there is some distortion, but during the incredibly freaky, spaced out bits (Sleeping and Nightmare especially), it's quite captivating.   I love this one because I love this piece, and there are really only 3 listenable recordings of it.    Essential.


2.   Work in Paris, January 23, 1970--this is fascinating for many reasons, the main reason is that it is the complete show from this date, where as "Broadcasting From Europa" has only "Violence Sequence" and "The Amazing Pudding" from this set, and the date of that CD has always been incorrectly annotated as 2/23/70 (it was actually January).   This is one of my favorite releases of all time, a remastered version of the complete show.


3.   Granny Takes A Trip--One CD of super rare out takes and alternate versions...I'm not sure these are found on any other compilation.   The highlight is Roger announcing Echoes as "Looking Through The Not Holes In Granny's Wooden Leg".   Also includes One of These Days, Intastella Overdrive (that is how it is spelled on the artwork!) with a Zabriskie Point announcement in it; It Would Be So Nice, a very rare alternate take/mix of Remember A Day (my favorite Syd era song).   Nice artwork and just a really strange, oddball release.


4.   Live at the Fillmore East, September 27, 1970 (Early Show)--outrageously rare, I didn't even know there was a recording of this show.   Fair sound, a bit distant but very clear with no distortion. Astronomy Domine, Green Is The Colour (!!!), Careful w/t Axe, Atom Heart Mother with orchestra, Set The Controls, Fat Old Sun.  


5.   Live in Brescia, Rome, June 19, 1971--great sounding show, one of my favorites from this tour.   Excellent quality throughout, complete show, and absolutely essential.   Atom Heart Mother, Careful w/t Axe, Fat Old Sun, Embryo, Echoes, Set The Controls, Cymbaline, Saucerful of Secrets.   They played this show while in Rome for the filming of "Live at Pompeii".   Very highly recommended.


6.   Live in Rome, Palaeur, Italy June 20, 1971--the following day, again when they were in Rome for the making of "Live at Pompeii"; this is the full concert, 2 CDs and fantastic sound throughout.   Essential.


7.   Amstel Free Concert, Amsterdam, Holland, June 26th 1971--what an absolute gem this release is.   It's a great sounding performance from this free outdoor concert in a forest near Amsterdam, where it apparently was pouring down with rain. The quality is amazingly clear for an audience recording.   There are some very interesting versions of songs especially "Cymbaline" with the heavy breathing instead of the footsteps, and "Embryo" with Roger's 'Grooving with a Pict' type ranting, and an extremely nice "Saucerful of Secrets". All in all one of the most enjoyable concerts I have come across in a long time.   The other bands on the bill were Humble Pie(!), Focus and America...those were the days.   This is one of my top 3 or 4 favorites of all time.


8.   Ossiach Festival Stitschoff, Ossiach, Austria, July 1st 1971--another fascinating and must have '71 show.   Return of the Sun of Nothing (Echoes of course), Careful w/t Axe, Set The Controls and Atom Heart Mother.   One CD, but over 75 minutes long.   Very good sound quality.


9.   The Kellesburg Tapes, Stuttgart, November 26 1970--excellent sounding show with one of my favorite versions of Green Is The Colour, David sings it in a very unique way, unlike any other version I've heard.   Very small, quiet audience, and a very relaxed and spacy set.   Great versions of Fat Old Sun, Atom Heart Mother, Embryo and Cymbaline as well.   One of my favorite 1970 shows and extremely rare and hard to find in any format.


10.   State University of New York Stony Brook, Long Island, NY, April 11, 1970--this is a fascinating show in many ways.   First, it's obvious they are playing in front of maybe a hundred college kids in a gymnasium...and this version includes all of the tuneups and banter between songs, including some interesting conversation between a guy and girl who are taping the also includes the very beginning of the show where Roger says "we've just got to finish tuning up and stumbling about a bit...and we've changed out an echo unit" before announcing Astronomy Domine.   The recording is excellent, very close up, it really has the feel that the band is about 10 feet in front of you.   One CD, but very long...Astronomy, Careful, a 12 minute version of Cymbaline (and a great one at that, with lots of heavy breathing before the footsteps section, while Rick is playing some very sunny, spacy organ in the middle...just awesome).   Highly recommended.   It's really amazing how much things changed for this band from 1970 to 1973--from playing small college gyms in front of 120 people to playing stadiums in just 3 years.   This show is a great document of how it was for them on their early US tours.


11.   Parc De Vincennes September 12, 1970--another essential '70 show, small French audience and one of the best versions of Careful With That Axe in history.   Extremely INTENSE performance for some reason.   Green Is The Colour, Astronomy Domine and Set The Controls.   There are versions of this show out there that are much too slow...this one is pitch corrected and just a pleasure to listen to.   One CD, 40 minutes.


12.   Hakone Aphrodite Open Air festival in Hakone, Japan August 6&7, 1971--there's some well distributed video of this performance out there (on YouTube, in very low sound quality), but this release is very good in sound, very close up.   There is a bit of audience noise between songs (polite clapping).   As for the music/dates, August 6: Green is the Colour, CWTAE, Echoes, Cymbaline August 7: Atom Heart Mother, Green is the Colour, CWTAE, Saucerful of Secrets.   Great release, 2 CDs


13.   FESTIVAL HALL, MELBOURNE VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA August 13, 1971--a short trip to Australia after the above mentioned Japan gigs.   This is a fine recording and great performance, the complete show on 2 CDs.   Echoes is announced as "Echoes", possibly for the first time (instead of Return of the Son of Nothing), and still has much of the old, original lyrics. There is also a fascinating interview at the end of disc 2, one I've not heard anywhere else, on Australian TV 2 days later on August 15.   It's almost 10 minutes long, and the female interviewer asks some pretty intelligent questions about the evolution of their music, electronics, improv, etc...and Rick talks quite a bit, more than any other interview I've ever heard with him.   Just fantastic stuff, I would love to find the video of this somewhere.  


14.   Hill Auditorium Ann Arbor, Michigan, October 28, 1971--decent quality of the complete show (a bit distant, but clear and no distortion) on 2 CDs, lots of on stage tuning and banter.   I've never seen this show in any format, ever.  


15.   Pavillon de la Jeunesse Quebec City, Quebec Canada, November 10, 1971--another great '71 show.   There is a french announcer at the beginning, except one sentence in english "I hope everybody is stoned", and then Roger attempts a few lines in French.   Then they launch into a great version of Embryo.   Sound quality is very good, clear, fairly close up.   Full show, 2 CDs, Atom Heart Mother, Echoes, Saucerful and all the other favorites from the old days.   One of the better '71 shows.   Essential in my book.


16.   Taft Auditorium, Cincinnati, Ohio, November 20, 1971--right down the road from where I live in a beautiful old victorian theatre in front of what sounds like 100 people!   This contains absolutely longest version of Embryo, over 27 minutes (!).   At one point Rick's keyboards stop, so perhaps they were jamming while they sorted out the problem.   Fascinating stuff.   Complete show, 2 CDs, with a surprising Blues as the encore, Roger announces it as "This encore really has nothing to do with us".   And they launch into a very slooooow spacy blues.   Awesome.

17. Guildhall, Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK, January 21, 1972--this is the first full live performance of DSOTM, the previous night (Jan 20) they attempted it but had to abort when the tape loop on "Money" didn't work right.   You probably have this show as either "Dark Side Rehearsals" or "Eclipse of the Dark Side" which contains both the Jan 20 and Jan 21 shows, but this is from a far superior source and is the definitive, undisputed, best sounding Dark Side debut in it's entirety.   It also contains the entire show--One of These Days, Set The Controls, Echoes and a wicked Saucerful as the encore.   Historically essential.


18.   Rainbow Theatre Shows, February 17, 18 and 19th, 1972--these are among my prize Floyd possessions lol...I just love the early versions of DSOTM and how the album developed on stage from the above mentioned debut on Jan 20/21, then these Rainbow shows, then the short Japanese tour (listed below), culminating in the best version of the early DSOTM in Chicago on April 28 (listed above).   To say that these shows are essential is an understatement.   These are the complete shows from the 3 days at the Rainbow, remastered and the best sounding versions I've ever heard of them, and I've heard many!   All 3 shows are complete 2 CD sets, 6 total.


19.   Guildhall Southampton, England, February 23 1972--3 days later, they continue their "Eclipse-a Piece For Assorted Lunatics" theme down the road in Southampton.   Decent/Good sound quality, complete show, including a rare for '72 Saucerful of Secrets.   2 CDs.  


20.   Tokyo-to Taiikukan, Tokyo, Japan March 6, 1972--the tour progresses, to the opening night in Japan.   A bit better sound than the previously mentioned Southampton show--a bit quiet, but clear.   Full show, 2 CDs, with all the favorites after DSOTM: One of These Days, Careful, Echoes, and again Saucerful of Secrets (it's almost as if they got tired of playing that in '71 and brought it back for the '72 tour encore...every night it's a different version and all of them are stunning).


21.   Tokyo-to Taiikukan, Tokyo, Japan, March 7, 1972--the following night, in MUCH better sound quality--very full, bottom/drum heavy (among the best drum recording of the '72 tour).   It sounds like it was recorded ON the stage, instead of from the audience or the sound board.   Any Colour You Like is simply outstanding on this one, Dave scatting at length with his guitar and voice.   Full show, 2 CDs, same set list except for Set The Controls instead of Saucerful as the encore (but it's cut short, only 5:30).  


22.   Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan, March 8, 1972--for the next 2 nights on the Japan tour they moved to Osaka, and it only gets better.   This recording is simply STUNNING, almost as good as the April 28 Chicago show.   The performance may be better.   It's more relaxed, slower tempo in a lot of areas, and just very "jammy".   On this night, they do Atom Heart Mother as the encore!   Top notch release, full show, 2 CD.


23.   Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan, March 9, 1972--the following night, night as good of sound quality but still a stellar performance.   Same set list as the previous night except they end with Echoes.   Very relaxed, awesome show.  


24.   Dai-Shjo-Gun Furitsu Taiikukan, Kyoto, Japan, March 10, 1972--the following night in Kyoto.   This is the same show and source as "Dark Side of the Rising Sun", excellent sound quality but not quite as good as Osaka on the 8th.   This one and Osaka on the 8th are the 2 best.  


25.   Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England March 30, 1972--back in the homeland, the tour and development of the new piece continues.   Fine recording here, and performance.   Complete show, 2 CDs.   Dave gets even more adventurous with the scatting on Any Colour You Like!  


26.   Sportatorium Hollywood, FL, April 15, 1972--I believe this was the first date of the '72 tour, leaving cold and rainy England for hot and sunny south Florida.   This is definitely one of the best recordings of the '72 tour, up there with Osaka March 8 and Chicago April 28.   Very clear, in front of a very small and attentive audience.   Again it sounds like the recording was done on the stage, not in the crowd.   I didn't even know they played in Hollywood Florida, ever!   Complete show, 2CD.   Absolutely essential.


27.   Township Auditorium Columbia, South Carolina, April 16, 1972--the following night, in of all places, South Carolina.   How many times were Pink Floyd ever in SC?   Maybe 2 times?!   They are playing on front of what sounds like 100 people.   Roger is quite talkative and spends time introducing a lot of the songs.   Although this recording suffers a bit from being overly noise-reduced--it sounds compressed the highs are lacking--it's still interesting and impossible to find anywhere.   Played loudly on a good stereo, increasing the high end would be a more pleasurable way to experience this one.   What's best about this one is the sudden change from the normal 2nd set and encores to include Childhood's End, and then Blues as the encore.   2 CD, complete show.


28.   Syria Mosque Theatre Pittsburgh, PA, April 20, 1972 (on my 5th birthday 4 hours from my house lol)--good show, decent/good recording.   Nice high end, but a bit of distortion at times.   That said, this is an outrageously rare show, I've heard and read about it over the years, that they did indeed play at Syria Mosque Theatre, but I had never come across it until I bought this lot of CDs.   Again, complete show, 2 CD.


29.   Chicago Theatre Auditorium, April 28 1972--This is THE ONE.   This show is what the previous 3 months on the road builds up to, the essential definitive version of "Eclipse".   You probably have this show from me already, the superb full show from this date of the same title.   However, this release is just the Dark Side of the Moon section of the show, from a far superior source (which is saying something, because the remastered Pink Gem version you already have from me is already the best sounding '72 show in existence).   This Relixer version, again is just the DSOTM section, is by far the best sounding, and best performance of the early version of this piece, period.   There simply is no better live version of "Eclipse-A Piece For Assorted Lunatics" than this version.   This is in my top 3 favs of all time, along with Floyd's of London (BBC '71), Mooed Music (BBC '70).  


30.   Chicago Auditorium Theatre, March 7, 1973--this show was literally a week before Dark Side of the Moon was released, and again I've never seen it in any form in over 30 years of collecting and seeking out Floyd shows.   Sound is clear, if a bit distant...not a lot of low end, but no distortion.   Complete concert, 2 CD, all of DSOTM, plus Echoes (as the opener!), Obscured By Clouds/When You're In, Careful w/that Axe, One of These Days.   Essential '73 show, there aren't many from that tour.  


31.   Vaulting Ambition--Tampa Florida June 29, 1973--in my opinion the best sounding show of the '73 tour, on par with "Supine in the Sunshine" from Earl's Court a month earlier, and possibly the best performance.   The show opens with Obscured By Clouds, with Rick playing a very Zeppelin-esque (think Kashmir) extended intro.   This is a very clear, and full audience recording of the entire concert.   Essential.


32.   Stadthalle, Wien, Austria October 13, 1973--another impossible to find show that I wasn't even sure really existed until I got it in this lot purchase.   I'm not kidding when I say this is quite possibly the best 1973 release in existence, better than Earl's Court in May (Supine in the Sunshine).   Crystal clear recording with dynamic range from lows to highs.   Probably the best recording of Obscured By Clouds ever, loud, and powerful.   Essential.   Complete show, 2 CDs.


33.   San Diego Sports Arena, 21 April 1975--I've never seen this in any format, anywhere.   Not quite the sound quality of Boston '75, Cruel But Fair or Detroit (listed below), but certainly close to those.   Energetic performance.   Essential because there are only 5 or so great '75 shows available.


34.   Shone Like The Sun--Landover Maryland, June 10 1975--I have never seen this show available anywhere in any format either.   The sound quality is very good/excellent, featuring an especially great version of Gotta Be Crazy, with David singing it playfully and passionately.   While this is only one CD, it is essential because of how rare it is and how few '75 shows there are.   Raving and Drooling, Shine On/Have A Cigar/Shine On 6-9.   Must have.


35.   Olympia Stadium, Detroit Michigan, June 24, 1975--titled "Experimental Energy".   Only 5 tracks, but over 50 minutes and in very good sound quality.   For people who love to hear the progression of Dogs (You've Got To Be Crazy) and Sheep (Raving and Drooling), this is essential.   Also contains all of Shine On along with Have A Cigar.   Not many '75 shows out there, this is essential because of the sound quality, even though it's only half the show.


36.   SCHAAP EN ZWIJN--Rotterdam '77--February 17, 1977--still very early in the Animals tour, good to excellent sound.   For lovers of the Animals album, having all of the early Eurpean shows in January/Feb of '77 is essential, much in the same way having all or most of the dates from early '72 shows the progression of DSOTM.   The only difference is, by the time the band hit the road in January 77 to promote Animals, they already had the music written, developed and recorded.   Essential for fans of the '77 tour.


37.   Pavillion de Paris, February 24 1977--2 days after the excellent "Paris '77" show that you already have from this collection, this a fair sounding recording, for completists.   Interesting performance of the Animals one point, Roger shouts "15!!" in the middle of Pigs.


38.   Madison Square Gardens, July 2, 1977--I was going to hold on to this one and July 3 and 4...but what's the point at this point right?   I've never been able to find their first night at MSG, July 1, but was happy when the 2nd, 3rd and 4th were in this lot purchase.   The recording is just as good if not better than July 4, making it the top live release of '77 along with July 4.   Definitely essential.


39.   Los Angeles, Sports Arena, Feb. 7, 1980--("The Wall" debut performance)--I'm not a huge fan of the Wall, but for fans who are, this is the essential debut performance.   It's a fair/good audience recording, certainly clear and enjoyable.   Roger Waters remembers the very last date of Pink Floyd's 1977 world tour as a nightmare (July 7 in probably know the story). Tired and shaken in front of a very loud audience of around 90,000, he ended up spitting on a fan who had been lighting fire crackers throughout the concert.   That episode inspired him with the original concept of a wall standing between the audience and the musician.   The first live performance of the "Wall" tour was unfortunate as well; all kind of accidents occurred, including a short-circuit causing a small fire onstage, the metronome track erroneously sent to the PA, the band messing up on a lot of songs.   Although not in a very good quality, this recording is a nice testimony of that night and certainly a piece of history.   Also, this is the only concert where they performed an extra 7 mins instrumental following "Another Brick" pt.3.   2 CDs, full show.

40.   Pink Floyd Hollywood Bowl 1972-09-22 "Box 1432 Tape"--this is the same show as "Crackers", but it is obviously from a much better, first generation reel to reel master, as evidenced by the artwork.   It is superior in sound in every way, and therefore is the definitive version of this famous show.   This version includes approximately 2:30 of new material prior to the first chord of the song "Breathe", and it is NOT cut during "On The Run" as Crackers and many other commonly available version of this show have.   I don't know how or why this tape of this show stayed out of circulation literally until the early 2000s, but it did.   Essential.   2 CD.


41.   Benefit For Robert Wyatt--November 5, 1973--this is the same night as "Rainbow Theatre '73 late show", which is excellent, but this recording stands as the best sounding recording of the '73 tour, by far.   You can hear every whisper in the theatre throughout the has a very long intro to DSOTM with the beating heart while Roger attempts to quietly tune his bass underneath.   Just outstanding sound and performance throughout, containing all of DSOTM and the undisputed best live recording of Obscured By Clouds/When You're In.   This is THE show from the '73 tour.


42.   Dortmund Master: Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany, January 23 or 24, 1977--This is the debut show for the Animals tour, and this version is by far the best sounding.   Also in this collection was "Animals Tour Debut" on Pink Gem, but it wasn't nearly as good of a source as this Relixer version.   Complete show, great sound, essential for '77 fans.   2 CD


43.   Blow Your Mind Until You Die--Palais des Sports de L'ile de la Jatte, Saint Ouen, France, December 1 1972--incredibly, super rare hard to find show of this tour.   Hard rocking, energetic performance, from a master tape from RTL Radio France.    Where this has been for the last 30 years, who knows?   Complete show, including Childhood's End(!) and Blues.  


44. Pinky Milky--great compilation of very rare studio and live material from '67 through the '94 tour.   Includes demo versions of Breathe and On The Run from 1970(!).   1 CD, very unique compilation.


45. Edmusdon--September 26, 1970, Pennsylvania--excellent sounding show, one of the best from the 70 tour.   Same date as “Electric Factory” but a much better source.   Complete show, 2 CDs.   Essential


47. Rome, May 6, 1968, Piper Club--this is absolutely the holy grail of '68 recordings.   Many people have this release as "Fountains of Rome" or other titles found all over eBay, which are low generation, horrible sounding versions of this performance.   This version is the only sound board, pre FM broadcast version in existence.   I'm not aware of any others that can claim this!   Pristine performances of Astronomy Domine, Set The Controls and Interstellar Overdrive, sandwiched between the Italian announcers, a lengthy interview with Roger about the improbability of a "Pop" festival being held in Rome.   I've never heard anything close to this version in completeness, sound quality, and I have 4 other versions of this show!   Beautiful artwork featuring Roman architecture.  


48. Rise and Shine--Sheffield Hall, England, December 22 1970--this is another version of the only "Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast" performance.   This is the earliest generation, best sounding version of this rare show in existence.   The artwork is fascinating and shows the actual cassettes that the show was taped on and the hand written covers that accompany them.   Sound quality is an amazing improvement over the "A Psychedelic Night" version you bought from me before.


49. Dusseldorf Germany, June 4, 1971--great recording in front of what sounds like 20 people, literally.   Possibly the hardest to find recording of the '71 tour, includes "Return of the Son of Nothing", one of the very first performances of Echoes.   The taper is obviously a very stoned German guy, who wails hysterically at the announcement of each tune, but then sits in stoned silence for the performances.   You really get the feeling of sitting on the floor with a couple of German people in a small hall, gazing at the stage.   Incredible release.


50. Boeblingin Remaster--November 15, 1972--featuring Roger ranting in welsh, vast sonic improvement over what was already a good, rare recording.   Original release of this was very slow.   Must have '72 show, great artwork.


51. Filling at Gap--Palais des Sports, Lille, FRANCE December 12 1972--outrageously rare, fantastic, up close sound.   Shortly after the famed Hollywood Bowl show in Sept '72, this was a Christmas Time show after they had returned home from the American tour.   One of the best of '72, period.  


52. Live For Today, Gone Tomorrow--December 2 1972, Sheffield England--who knew this even existed?!    Fair sound at best, but again an incredibly rare.   I love it.


53.   The Valley of the Kings--March 6, 1973, St Louis:   One of the few "Childhood's End" performances, good sound in front of what sounds like 200 students.


54. Thoughts and Memories--March 10, 1973, Kent State:   Right up the road from me, incredibly rare show.   I've never seen this anywhere, period.


55. Toronto YEESHKUL!--March 11, 1973--this is the infamous "YEESHKUL!" release.   Crystal clear.   Totally freaky version of "Any Colour You Like".   Essential.


56. Breaking Bottles in the Hall--June 20, 1973, Columbia Maryland:   Again one I've never seen anywhere and didn't even know it existed before coming across it.   Obscured By Clouds, When Youi're In, Echoes, Dark Side.


57. When You're In--Radio City Music Hall, March 17, 1973--another version of this show, and the best of the 3 (the other 2 being Waterbury '73 and Dark Side of Radio City).   Pitch corrected, closer, just superior in sound in every way.   Essential '73 show.


58. Finsbury Park '73--Rainbow Theatre, London, November 4, 1973, LATE SHOW--certainly the most rare and my favorite '73 show.   There's just something special about all of the Rainbow shows from '72 and '73.   Very, very hard to find.   I have another version of this show as well, called "Rog Is Stranger Than Robert" (a reference to Robert Wyatt), that is slightly different but has amazingly cool artwork, with Robert and Roger on the cover.   $29 for whichever one you chose, but I am keeping the other for myself!


59. Faster Jersey 1975--Roosevelt Stadium Jersey City, July 15, 1975--again very, very hard to find '75 show.   Amazing sound for a stadium/audience recording.   Very up close and clear.


60. Nassau, New York, June 17, 1975--probably "the" find of the '75 tour.   Original release was on Ayanami (Japan) and I have never seen it in any other form.   If there are 2 shows to have from '75, this one and Boston Gardens from the following day are the 2 to have.


61. Munich Machine--Feb 27, 1977--at the very beginning of the "In The Flesh" tour, one of the top 3-4 sounding of the '77 tour.   Great Snowy White guitar solo on "Pigs".  


62. Flight of Pigs--Jeppeson Stadium, Houston Texas, April 30, 1977--Probably the hardest to find 77 out there, along with the complete July 4 Madison Square Garden show.   Essential.


63. Atlanta April 26, 1977--for the '77 tour fan completist, very hard to find and good sounding release, although a tad bit slow.  


64. Iron Pigs on Fire--Fort Worth Texas May 1 1977--superior to the commonly found "Fort Worth '77" in sound and art work.   More even, better EQ'd sound.


65. Madison Square Gardens, July 3, 1977, and July 4, 1977--the holy grail of '77 tour releases--because there are almost no versions with the entire show for either of these 2 dates.   You probably already have one release-"New York '77"--which only contains the "Wish You Were Here".   These two 2CD sets, one for July 3 and July 4, (unique artwork for both) contain the entire performances and even the opening arena announcements, in fantastic sound quality.   $29 for each 2 CD set on these please.


66. Animals From The Sound Board--Berlin, Deutschlandhalle, Jan 29, 1977--the title says it all.   One CD, 54 minutes.


67. In A Neutral Land--Hallenstadion, Zurich December 9th 1972--A+ audience recording, probably the best of the '72 tour, as rare as it gets.   I can't believe I'm even telling you about it, it's the only copy I've ever had or ever seen.   Added bonus is that it contains the absolute best sounding live recording of Childhood's End.   $29 if you want this one.


68. Celestial Voices--Live BBC recordings from '68 and '69, fantastic sound board throughout.   I have 2 copies of this, it's my all time favorite pre1970 release.   Truly amazing, creepy stuff.   I'm keeping one, the other one is yours if you want it, $29 as well:


-The Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (August 9, 1969)

01. Interstellar Overdrive (a segment)

02. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

03. Careful With That Axe, Eugene

04. A Saucerful Of Secrets


-BBC Session, Paris Cinema, London, England (May 12, 1969)

05. Daybreak (Grantchester Meadows)

06. Nightmare (Cymbaline)

07. The Beginning (Green Is The Colour) / Beset By Creatures Of The Deep (Careful With That Axe, Eugene)

08. The Narrow Way (Part 3)


-BBC Studios, 201 Piccadilly, London, England (June 25, 1968)

09. 'Top Gear' Introduction

10. The Murderotic Woman (Careful With That Axe, Eugene)

11. The Massed Gadgets Of Hercules (A Saucerful Of Secrets)

12. Let There Be More Light

13. Julia Dream

14. 'Top Gear' Conclusion




SECTION 2—there's about 75% of these titles remaining with the exception of some of the Roger and Dave solo dates, of which most are sold out or I am down to my last one:
1. Amsterdam '69--The Man And The Journey incredible document of a

"concept" show they did in '69 only, and only a handful of times.   The entire concert is a

suite of songs that are named differently, and became songs like Biding My

Time, Grantchester Meadows, The Narrow Way, and incorporates versions of

Saucerful, and other stuff into a pretty mind blowing concept show, A+ sound 1 disc


2.   The Electric Factory--Sept 26 1970 in Philly, PA.   One of the best

documents of this American Tour--Astronomy Domine, Cymbaline, Saucerful,

Intersteller Overdrive, very early version of Fat Old Sun, Greene Is The Colour, Careful With That Axe, Set The Controls.   In front of a small, quiet audience, a very mellow and creepy show and a must have from this experimental era.   2 disc set


3. Mooed Music--BBC John Peel, July 16 1970, A+ sound, greatest recording of any show that year:   Embryo, Fat Old Sun, Green Is The Colour, Careful, If (RARE live

version!) and without question THE best live version of Atom Heart Mother

WITH THE ORCHESTRA AND CHOIR.   This version is far better than even the

studio album.   1 CD


4.   Floyds Of London--BBC John Peel Show Sept 30 1971, A+ sound--if you are a Floyd fanatic, you must own this one simply for this version of Fat Old Sun.   Widely regarded as the definitive version of that song.   Echoes is also one of the best live

recorded versions of that song ever (along with the Pompeii version).   Also

has the first live recorded version of "One Of These Days", where John Peel

says "and on this next one, Nick Mason's vocal debut will come around."   It

also has a VERY spacey version of Embryo.   1 disc


5.   Fillmore West April 29, 1970, fantastic sound, one of the scariest

versions of Saucerful ever, plus Grantchester, Astronomy, Cymbaline, my

favorite live version of the non-orchestra Atom Heart Mother, Embryo, Green

Is The Colour, Careful With That Axe, Interstellar Overdrive.   Amazing artwork. 2 discs


6.   Crackers, Hollywood Bowl, 1972   2 discs   All of Dark Side of the Moon, vicious

version of Saucerful, Echoes, etc, probably the most famous show of the American ’72 tour.   There are many versions of this concert out there, this is by far the best mastered and best sounding version ever.   2 discs



7.   Colmar, French Tour 1974   Very early version of Shine On

(possibly the first recorded version?), very early version of Raving and

Drooling (Sheep), and great version of Echoes.   Historical document with those early developmental versions…sound is fair.    1 CD


8. Best Of Tour 72—The first recorded concert of Dark Side of the Moon, Rainbow Theatre 17 February 1972, well before the album was released.   Absolutely essential historic recording.   Some songs are completely different, especially "On The Run" which in this set is called "Travel Sequence".   Very fascinating stuff and great sound.   Some of the songs are incomplete but it's still a must have. 1 disc


9.   Black Holes In The Sky November 15, 1974   Very interesting set, starting with Shine On You Crazy Diamond, then Raving And Drooling (Sheep), You’ve Got To Be Crazy (Dogs)…then a great performance of all of Dark Side Of The Moon, and a fantastic Echoes encore.   The artwork of this one is amazing, done like a Sci/Fi comic book.   Great find! 2 disc

10.   Animal Instincts--Animals tour of 77, May 9 1977, great sound with lots of Wish You Were Here and Dark Side tracks.   One of the top 2 or 3 releases from this tour in existence, very famous and widely distributed releases.   2 disc


11.   Supine In The Sunshine—Earl’s Court 19 May 1973, great sound, 73 tour with all of Dark Side, and very rare live performances of Obscured By Clouds and When You're In, the latter being the absolute hardest rocking Floyd I’ve ever heard. Must have for the sound and the rare content.   2 disc


12.   Cruel But Fair—26 April 1975, fantastic sound, all of Dark Side, lots of Wish You Were Here and Animals cuts before either of those albums were released, lots of interesting and sometimes snide comments from Roger between of my favorites.   2 disc


13.   Beset By Creatures Of The Deep—1 disc May 1969 at the university of Southampton….great document of the “Ummagumma” and “More” soundtrack period, the most experimental and avant garde periods of their career.   This show starts with a fantastic "Astronomy Domine" and also contains a lovely version of "The Beginning" (Green Is The Colour, with Dave singing 'shines through the dress that SHE wore' instead of 'you wore', and singing/scatting the solo much longer and more tenderly than any version I've heard).  This then segues into a haunting "Beset By Creatures Of The Deep", which is really another version of "Careful With That Axe Eugene".  Quite odd that they played the real version of "Careful With That Axe, Eugene" right before this version in the same show!
This is simply a great document of Pink Floyd at one of their most experimental periods of their career and is an absolute must for the collector and completist.




14. The Amazing Pudding UK/Europe tour 1970 2 discs This is an incredibly interesting document for Pink Floyd fanatics, especially Rick Wright fans.  This set contains a nice show-to-show progression of the band's tour of England and Europe in February and March of 1970, and contains one of the only live recordings of Rick's "Sysyphus" and "The violent Sequence", which contains a beautiful piano piece that became Rick's best song of his career-"Us and Them".

This set also contains one of the very first performances of Atom Heart Mother, known here as this CD's namesake--"The Amazing Pudding".  This version is very stripped down, just the 4 in the band playing it without an orchestra to a very small and intimate audience.
While the sound of this set would be considered "fair", every instrument and voice is clearly heard and it's simply an amazing find for the Pink Floyd collector and completist.  For fans of Rick Wright's most experimental period of his career, this is an absolute must.


15.   Sights And Sounds Of Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd The most complete compilation of the most rare Syd Barrett tracks on earth.   Here's the track list...this is THE definitive Syd rarities collection! 1 CD, $29.99

1) Introduction by Paul McCartney (Granada TV, 18 January 1967, fascinating comments from Paul about the “scene” and Pink Floyd, and society’s reaction to it)

2) Interstellar Overdrive (UFO-Club, London, 20 January 1967)

3) Interview with Syd Barrett and Roger Waters on Canadian Radio with an unreleased version of "Interstellar Overdrive" playing underneath February 1967)

4) Pow R Toc H Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 14 May 1967)

5) Introduction by "serious" musician, Hans Keller (BBC-TV)

6) Astronomy Domine see Track 4

7) See Emily Play rough mix with the backing track (notably organ) mixed louder and the vocals too low

8) Flaming alternate mix)

9) Reaction in G (Carislile, 23 July 1967)

10) Scream Thy Last Scream (abandoned third single A-side, unreleased track)

11) Apples and Oranges (Stereo Mix)

12) Paintbox (stereo mix)

13) Jugband Blues (unreleased version with Syd Barrett on lead vocals, December 1967)

14) Vegetable Man (last song Syd wrote for and recorded with Pink Floyd, December 1967)

15) Julia Dream (stereo mix)

16) Clowns and Jugglers (two takes not included on Syd Barrett box set, first solo session, May 1968)

Tracks 17-21 BBC Session for "Sound of the Seventies", 24 February 1970

17) Terrapin

18) Gigolo Aunt

19) Baby Lemonade

20) The Effervescing Elephant

21) Two of a Kind

Tracks 22-24 Second BBC Session for "Sound of the Seventies", 16 February 1971

22) Dominos

23) Love Song

24) Baby Lemonade

25) Octopus (on June 1970 Syd Barrett made his one and only live appearance as a solo artist at the London Music and Art Extravaganza. Backed by bass and drums he played only 4 songs, this being the only song on which his voice can be heard)
16.   Around The Mystic 19 October 1969 1 disc While this is labeled in a way that makes it look like it is from one concert in 1969, it is actually a compilation of some of the most rare recordings in Pink Floyd’s history, very hard to find stuff!  
The interpretation of each of these pieces is simply superb:
"Grantchester Meadows" retains that feeling of tranquility and sounds even better live with added atmospheric noises (very organic) while "Green Is The Colour / Careful With That Axe Eugene, "Set The controls" and "Saucerful (Celestial Voices section)" really take off thanks to the band being so intense and tight in the dynamics with some great soloing from Dave Gilmour and Richard Wright.
Now for these really hard-to-find tracks:
"Jupiter's Eye"is a take of "Corrosion": a trippy, very calm piece blending some "Echoes"- like slide guitars with trademark delayed keyboards creating an amazing atmosphere that peaks in and out in cycles before going quiet again- quite remarkable. 
"Trip On Mars" is in fact the best version of "Moonhead" available to my knowledge. 
"Moonhead" is the music the BBC commissioned Pink Floyd to write for their 1969 Landing On The Moon live broadcast. Interestingly the bass line is the same as heard on the "Money" 4/4 guitar solo from "Dark Side Of The Moon" but borrows more to the style of Syd Barrett-type riffs. 
This "Cymbaline" version also comprises the rare piece "Oneone" from the Zabrisky Point sessions, performed in the middle section instead of the usual "Footsteps" section.  "Improvisation" is a rocky interpretation of "Fingal's Cave" which is reminiscent of "The Nile Song" (from the album "More"of the same era).
17.   Who Was Trained Not To Spit In The Fan –Montreal July 6, 1977 This release is a great find, and documents one of the most famous concerts in Pink Floyd's history!   The atmosphere at this show was very thick, almost dangerous in nature...90,000 people in the stadium, with thousands more outside, on rooftops, etc.   This release features great sound and amazing artwork and is regarded as one of the 2 or 3 best releases from the 1977 tour.   It contains all of the Animals and Wish You Were Here albums in their correct running order; a "Money" and "Us And Them" encore.   


What makes this show so famous (or infamous?), other than the fantastic performance throughout, is that this is the show where Roger called up a teenage fan to the stage, calling him like a dog saying "Come here boy, that's a good boy."   The security guards hold the poor kid up to the stage, thinking he's going to shake hands with Roger Waters, and instead Roger let's fly a huge, and very accurate wad of spit in the kid's face.   He is then thrown like a piece of garbage back into the crowd.  

It was later said and written that this is when Roger got the idea for The Wall, seperating the band from the audience.


At the end of the "Money/Us and Them" encore, they do very rare 3rd encore of a slow blues number that Roger announces by saying, "We're just going to play some music that people can go home to.   We're going to play some slow blues, so everyone can just calm down a bit."   Dave Gilmour wasn't even on stage for this encore, letting Snowy White play the guitar by himself, while the roadies were tearing the stage down around the band as they were playing...right down to where the only thing left on stage was Nick and snare drum and Roger's bass!   The remaining crowd cheers as the roadies literally dismantle Nick's drum kit as he's playing, then start booing as he is left with nothing other than a high hat and snare....with Roger playing a few final notes.   At the very end Roger sums up the tense evening beautifully by saying "Goodbye!"   Amazing stuff.   2 disc


18.   Boston ’77 Have a Cigar   Live In Concert At Boston Gardens

27 June 1977--This release is arguably the best sounding and best performed release of the 1977 tour for the band, along with "Trained Not To Spit In The Fan" (Montreal 1977) and "Animal Insticts" (Oakland 1977).   It is on the Pink Gem Label, PGR-1303.   It contains, all of Animals, all of Wish You Were Here, and the usual Money/Us and Them encore.


Dave Gilmour especially shines on this set, both vocally and with this guitar work.   His guitar solo on "Have A Cigar" is just amazing, with a fat round tone from the bridge pickup on his Telecaster...moving between tasty blues lines and frenetic blasts of of his best.   Vocally, he really belts out the verses of "Dogs", which as any Floyd fanatic knows, sometimes Dave struggles a bit from time to time vocally on this song and when he and Rogers sing "Welcome To The Machine" together.   Both are about as good as it gets live on this set.  


Roger is in top form on "Have A Cigar", possibly the best I've heard him sing it, even the high note on "riding the gravy traaaaaiiin".   At the end of "Have a Cigar", just before "Wish You Were Here" starts, Nick Mason is scanning through the radio dial on the local stations, stopping on some cheesy tunes first, before the opening 12 string guitar line of "Wish You Were Here" begins!   Dave takes some melodic chances on "Wish", really changing the melody in parts and in my opinion, improving on the studio version.


In my opinion this entire show is certainly at the top of all of the releases from 1977,

along with Montreal '77.
19.   Fort Worth ’77 May 1, 1977 Great set including all of Animals and Wish You Were Here with an Us and Them/Money encore, good sound (although not quite as good as Boston ’77, Animal Instincts or Montreal 77), great artwork and unusual green printing on the CDs.   A great find.   2 CD set
20.    New York 1977 Welcome To The Machine July 2, 1977 Simply one of the best releases from this tour, probably the best sounding and best performed version of the Wish You Were Here album in existence.   This is from the June 2 nd show, and while it only contains one set, it is the complete Wish You Were Here album, a version where Rick Wright really shines on the piano and is an absolute A+ release.   1 CD
21.   Bovine Psychosis-Santa Monica 23 October 1970—great set with Atom Heart Mother with choir and brass, Astronomy Domine, Green is the Colour, Fat Old Sun, Cymbaline, Careful With That Axe Eugene, and a very strange Interstellar Overdrive.   Along with Interstellar Fillmore, this is the best example of a full 1970 concert.   2 CD


22. In The Sky-Live Dark Side of the Moon on the BBC—16 November 1974, without a doubt the best recorded live version of Dark Side of the Moon after the studio album was released.   This is a pre-FM source, the sound is A+ and the performance is spot on!   This is the 2 nd of a 3 night stint at Wembley, the first night available here as “Black Holes In The Sky”, the 3 rd night being “Getting Better All The Time”.   1 CD
23.   Dark Side of the Rising Sun-Sapporo Japan, March 3 1972, one of the 2 absolute best sounding and best performed Dark Side of the Moon before the studio album was released (at this point it was known as “Eclipse”)   This show is just 2 weeks after Dark Side was debuted at the Rainbow Theatre (the “Best of Tour 72 listed above).   This version is the complete album with no tracks cut short, A+ sound, and is my absolute favorite version of Dark Side, along with Chicago Theatre April 28 (see below) 1 CD
24.   Return of the Sons of Nothing- Washington DC, November 16 1971, great sounding set from this tour, with all the favorites—Atom Heart Mother small band   version (one of the best), Embryo, Fat Old Sun,   Set The Controls, One of These Days, Careful with that Axe, Echoes.   Very hard to find.   2 CD
25.   Montreax Casino-Live at Festival Du Musique Classique at the Altes Casino, the famous casino that burned down shortly after this show and was immortalized in Deep Purple’s “Smoke On The Water” (“They burned down the gamblin’ house, it died with an awful sound!”).   This set is incredible, with songs from both November 21 and 22 1970 (the sleeve incorrectly states September, not November), and for some strange reason, a couple of tracks from the “Mooed Music” BBC session a few days before this show.   This set is famous for a couple of very rare blues jams, one at the end of disc 1 and one as the final encore…they Floyd were not known for playing a lot of blues jams at this point in their career!   Hard to find and a great 1970 release.   2 CD


26. The Wall Demos 29 song definitive version of the Wall process from beginning to end.   Absolutely fascinating insight into how the album progressed, many songs are radically different from the final album version.   There simply is no better sounding release of this collection.   1 CD
27.   Paris ’77 Feb 2- I just pulled this one out and listened for the first time in years…and it just might be the best sounding show of 77, even better than Trained Not To Spit on the Fan (Montreal ’77) and Have a Cigar (Boston Gardens ’77).   All of Animals, all of Wish You Where Here, Money encore, all in front of a very quiet and respectful French audience.   Simply fantastic. 2 CD
28. Boston Gardens ’75 June 18, 1975--There aren’t many good 1975 tour shows out there, and this one along with Cruel But Fair and Hamilton Holes in the Sky are the 3 best by far.   Early versions of Raving and Drooling, You’ve Gotta Be Crazy, a great “short” version of the Wish You Were Here album (Shine On 1-5 into Have A Cigar into Shine On 6-9, very unusual to do those songs in that order).   All of Dark Side (a great version!) with a mind blowing Echoes encore.   Great set.   2 CD
29. Hamilton Holes In The Sky Hamilton, Canada June 28 1975 another great 1975 show, similar to the above Boston Gardens show from June 18, but with many variances in the performances, good sound and one of the 3 must have releases from 1975.   Probably the best sounding versions of Raving and Drooling and You’ve Gotta Be Crazy I’ve heard—you can really hear the early lyrics that became “Sheep” and “Dogs”.   Great sounding show with a great performance throughout.   This one and Boston Gardens ’75 are the true must haves from 1975.
30. MauerSpechte-Berlin June 5 1971 This is an incredible find.   Quoting from the inside cover: “After the success of their first German concerts in January 1971, the band returned to play at the Sports Palace in Berlin on the 5 th of June.   This was the first concert to be held at the Sports Palace in Quadrophonic sound, and the band incorporated their gigantic psychedelic light show for the first time: A gigantic, cosmic spectacle which, if it didn’t actually tear down the Berlin Wall, it helps to weaken it in places!”   This is a great historical document, very hard to find, good sound and an interesting set.   Must have.  
2 CD
31. The Complete Zabriskie Point Sessions This is a goldmine of outtakes and incredibly rare music pieces from an interesting point in Pink Floyd’s career.   This is an amazing album containing 15 outtakes from the famous session for the Antonioni cult classic.   After recording for several days, only three songs ended up on the official soundtrack.   Over the years, several outtakes appeared on dubious and poor sounding bootlegs.   In 1997 a revised edition of Zabriskie Point was released, including four previously unreleased Floyd takes.   But there was more, much more, as this release proves.   No less than fifteen outtakes you’ve never heard before in this quality, or in any quality!   1 CD   Tracks listed below:








  1. Rain In The Country

(Take One)



  2. The Violent Sequence

(Take One)


  3. The Red Queen Theme

(Take One)


  4. Fingal`s Cave

(Take One)


  5. Theme

(Take Two)


  6. Rain In The Country

(Take Two)


  7. Love Scene

(Take One)


  8. Love Scene 

(Take Two)


  9. Blues Scene

(Take One)


10. Fingal`s Cave

(Take Two)


11. Love Scene

(Take Three)


12. Love Scene

(Take Four)


13. The Red Queen Theme

(Take Two)


14. Crumbling Land

(Take One)


15. Unknown Song

(Take One)





32. Stoned Alone Along with “Sights and Sounds of Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd”, this is the only other Syd era release that you need.   Here are the track listings and info:

      1. Stoned Alone (Reaction In G)

      2. Arnold Layne

      3. Rush In A Million (One In A Million)

      4. Matilda Mother

      5. Scream Thy Last Scream Old Woman With A Casket

      6. Astronomy Domine

      7. Interstellar Overdrive

      8. Interview with Syd and Roger

      9. Interview with Peter Jenner, Nick Mason, and David Gilmour


1 CD   Total Time: 71:45


33. Roger Waters Madison Square Gardens May 5 2007 A full concert from THE MOST RECENT ROGER TOUR!   2 CDs, 30 songs, all from the recent tour where Roger played Dark Side of the Moon.   Lots of other great solo songs, stuff from the Wall, Final Cut, Set The Controls, Shine On, Have a Cigar, Sheep, Comfortably Numb, and many more.   2 CD


34. White Witch/Black Wizard--Sept 17/18 1971. Montreux, great sound, fantastic Atom Heart Mother with brass and choir, must have show from '71   2 CD set


35. Zirkus Krone-Live in Munich 11/29/70, one of the best from the 1970 tour in front of a totally zoned and silent audience, great versions of Astronomy, Fat Old Sun, small band version of Atom Heart, Embryo, etc.   2 CD set


36. Live in Lund, Sweden 3/20/70-another great show from 1970, what sets this apart is a rare version of Interstellar Overdrive, and an absolutely wicked version of Saucerful of Secrets.   Also Astronomy, Careful, Cymbaline, Embryo and Set the Controls and Atom Heart Mother!   2 CD set


37.   One of These Days in Bradford--10/10/1971--Bradford University, Yorkshire England--very interesting set includes all of the tuneups, laughter and joking around by the band in between songs in front of what sounds like 200 people.   Incredible.   Careful, Fat Old Sun, Set The Controls, Atom Heart Mother, Echoes, Cymbaline, One of These Days (only the 2nd time in history, the first being on "Floyd's of London" from Sept 30) Saucerful, and yes, another BLUES TUNE!   Good sound, some brief distortion here and there, but still a great set and a great insight to the band on stage in front of a tiny audience.


38 . Live in Nassau Feb 28, 1980—One of the 2 definitive live version of the Wall.   Very famous show and hard to find this release.   2 CD set.
39. San Diego 10/17/71-great sounding show!   Careful With That Axe, Fat Old Sun, Atom Heart Mother, Embryo, Set The Controls, Cymbaline, and a very cool Blues Jam to end the night.   One of the best sets from the era, great sound, almost certainly a soundboard recording.   This Pink Gem Records version has been remastered, pitch corrected and is the best sounding version ever released.   Essential. 2 CD set  


40. Hamburg 3/12/70--only 4 tracks, but for LONG tracks--Interstellar Overdrive, The Embryo, Atom Heart Mother, A Saucerful of Secrets (one of the longest versions ever, almost 18 minutes).   Decent sound, everything is clearly heard, no distortion, just a bit distant and quiet.   Worthy for these version of Saucerful and Interstellar Overdrive, highly energized and improvisational.   2 CD Set.


41. Hamburg 11/14/70—Good clear sound, and most importantly a complete show with all of the favorites from that era--Fat Old Sun, Astronomy Domine, Cymbaline, The Embryo, Atom Heart Mother, Green is the Colour, Careful With That Axe, Set The Controls, Saucerful of Secrets.   A complete document of a 1970 show.   2 CD set.


42. Live in Leeds 2/28/70- surprisingly good sound, one of the earliest versions of Atom Heart Mother (called Amazing Pudding at this early stage—Roger introduces it by saying “this next piece is new, and it’s quite long so get comfortable!), The Embryo, Careful With That Axe, Set The Controls, Saucerful of Secrets, Interstellar Overdrive.   One of the best from '70, absolutely essential and very difficult to find and one of my all time favorites.   2 CD set.


43. Set The Controls For The Heart of the Sun-Vienna 10/13/73-One of the few absolutely essential releases from 1973, great sound, and as the title would suggest, one of the best versions of Set The Controls of all time!   Complete Dark Side of the Moon, Obscured By Clouds/When You’re In (rare, only other good versions are on Supine in the Sunshine).   Careful With That Axe, Eugene, Echoes, and One of These Days as the encore.   Complete show, fantastic.   2 CD set.


44.Childhood’s End-Chicago, March 7 1973- Another essential ’73 show, with no less than 3 versions of the very rarely performed title track.   Echoes as the opener (rare), Obscured By Clouds/When You’re In, all of Dark Side of the Moon, One of These Days encore.   Not quite the same sound quality level as Supine in the Sunshine and Set The Controls from 1973, but still one of the 3 best shows of the tour and a must have.   2 CD set.

45. The Embryo-BBC recordings 1968/69-a great collection of recordings from the BBC, some of them are the only live recordings available for particular songs.   Here’s the track list:
Let There Be More Light

Point Me At The Sky

Murderistic Women

Julia Dream

The Embryo


The Narrow Way (awesome!)

Green is the Colour
1 CD, essential to the collection.
46. Dark Side Rehearsals 1/20/72-This is the absolute first time Floyd attempted to play Dark Side of the Moon, then called “Eclipsed” in front of an audience.   The attempt was abandoned after “Money” because of some technical problems, then the band went on to play Atom Heart Mother, Careful With That Axe, One of These Days, Echoes, and Saucerful of Secrets.   Good sound, and a true historical document that must be in any comprehensive Floyd collection.   2 CD set.
47.   Waterbury ’73 March 18 1973-the last of the only worthy releases from 1973.   Good sound, very energetic performance.   Obscured By Clouds/When You’re In, Set The Controls, Careful With That Axe, Echoes, all of Dark Side, One Of These Days encore.   Part of the collection of the “Best 4” from 1973—Supine in the Sunshine, Childhood’s End, Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun, and this one.   Must have!   2 CD set
48.   Vienna ’77 February 1 1977-Early in the Animals tour before the band came to North America.   Decent sound, lots of different approaches to the songs and the sounds used (especially by Rick Wright).   Not quite the sound quality as Paris ’77 from 2 weeks later, but still a great document of the early Animals tour and interesting to hear how things changed with the music, and especially the audiences, later in the summer when the band came to North America.   Must have for Animals/Wish You Were Here fans.   2 CD set.
49.   The Band Who Ate Asteroids For Breakfast-Rotterdam April 3, 1971-great performance and setlist from early ’71, featuring a ferocious and spacey version of Fat Old Sun.   Also Astronomy Domine, Careful With That Axe, Set The Controls, Cymbaline, Embryo, Saucerful of Secrets, and Atom Heart Mother. Another essential set for 70/71 fans.   2 CD set.
50.   Chicago Theatre Auditorium April 28, 1972-also known as “Eclipse-A Piece For Assorted Lunatics”, this contains my absolute favorite version of the early version of Dark Side of the Moon.   Great sound quality, and plenty of the other old favorites from the early era.   One of my top 5 favorite Floyd releases ever.   2 CD set.
51.   Getting Better All The Time November 17, 1974-The 3 rd and final night of a 3 night run at Wembley, this is a full concert, all of Dark Side and all of the old favs from the earlier years.   2 CD set, perfect companion to Black Holes in the Sky and In the Sky (November 15 and 16 1974).


52.   Winterland ’72- Great set from the 2 nights at Winterland Auditorium, the night after they played the Hollywood Bowl show (Crackers).   You get both the 23 rd and the 24 th in this set, with 2 complete versions of what became Dark Side of the Moon, plus all the old favorites—Echoes, Careful With That Axe, Eugene, One Of These Days, etc.   Excellent 1972 show.


53.   The Dark Side of Radio City, March 17, 1973-This is the same show as Waterbury ’73, but from a different source tape; it is not actually from Radio City, which happened on March 18 and I’m not aware of a real Radio City recording out there.    This version is slightly pitched up, but overall the sound is much more punchy and clear than Waterbury and with this being one of the only good shows from the ’73 tour, it’s a must have.   The version of Dark Side of the Moon is simply one of the best sounding and heartfelt version available from 1973.   It also contains Obscured By Clouds, Echoes, and One of The Days as an encore.   Highly recommended, one of my favorites and certainly the best from 1973 along with Supine in the Sunshine.   2 CD


54. Eclipse of the Dark Side, January 20 and 21, 1972-This is the definitive “World Debut of Dark Side of the Moon”, which was called “Eclipse” at that time.   This is the only release I’m aware of that combines both the Jan 20 and Jan 21 show on one definitive disc.   January 20 th was a bit of a “false start” for Eclipse, because of the tape loop issues in “Money” that caused the band to abort mission at that point and go into Atom Heart Mother.   January 21 then qualifies as the absolute world debut of a completed version of what would become the band’s greatest success, Dark Side Of The Moon.   Essential for any collector.   2 CD
54. A Psychedelic Night-December 22, 1970, Sheffield England-Worth every penny for one reason, one of the only available versions of Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast in the world, complete with drinking tea on stage and running well over 20 minutes.   This hard to find 2 CD set runs almost 70 minutes on each disc, and shows the band in a relaxed mood 3 days before Christmas, right before taking a few nights off.   In addition to Alan’s Psych. Breakfast we get Atom Heart Mother, Embryo, Careful With That Axe, Set The Controls, and Saucerful of Secrets, complete with a power outage that forces Rick Wright to switch to grand piano and do a nice improvisation on “Celestial Voices” until the power is restored.   This set is like Gold to someone like me that absolutely loves the Ummagumma/Atom Heart Mother era of Pink Floyd.   2 CD
55.   A Man And His Lunacy-Royal Albert Hall   06-26-69- very cool set, not the greatest sound quality but very rare and interesting, one of the first performances of “The Man-The Journey” and just about the only time I’m aware of that they played Royal Albert Hall in the 1960s.   For fans of “The Man-The Journey” (like me) and for fans of when they were really experimenting on stage, this is a must have despite the “fair” sound quality.   Everything is clearly heard, just a bit distant and not with a lot of dynamics.   Still one of my favorites because of the content.   1 CD
All Movement Is Accomplished 1960s Rarities- along with Stoned Alone, Embryo and The Sights and Sounds of Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd, this set completes all of the known recordings of ANY kind with Syd Barrett, and in the period shortly after Dave Gilmour joined the band.   For fans of Syd and the very early stuff around the time they were recording their 2 nd album “A Saucerful of Secrets”, this completes the collection of BBC recordings, studio out takes, live radio tracks.   No fan of Syd or the 1967-68 era, the TRUE beginning and end of the Psychedelic movement in London, should be without any of the above mentioned 4 sets.   This one is a 1 CD single with over 20 songs.


57. Animals in Cleveland 06/25/77- This is a very high energy, crazy American show from the summer 77 tour, in front of a wild crowd.   Pretty similar set list to the others from the North American stretch of their 1977 show, and for fans of that manic tour it’s just as essential as Boston ’77 Have A Cigar, Montreal (Trained Not To Spit), Paris ’77, etc.   This show in particular is very high energy and very much a rock concert!   2 CD

58.   Any Colour You Like   11-29-72 Poitiers, France- Very interesting show…again from late in the 1972 tour where they were literally developing Dark Side of the Moon from show to show, as evidenced from the September Hollywood Bowl and Winterland shows, this is a month later back in Europe and the album is still changing a bit.   Essential Dark Side lovers material here, and quite rare to find this one.   Complete Dark Side with Echoes and One Of These Days encore.   1 CD
British winter tour 11/19/74- Fascinating show, and I'm surprised I had forgotten about the significance of this one.   After they did the 3 night stint at Wembley on November 15, 16, and 17, they did this's amazing the differences in performances over 4 nights.   Only 1 CD here, but an amazing document along with the Wembley shows showing the band at the height of their Dark Side success.   1 CD

60.   Broadcasting over Europa-
live in Paris 2/23/70- I love this has one of only 3 live versions, and the best, of the early Us and Them, "The Violent Sequence" and absolutely the best sounding version of “The Amazing Pudding”, which is the early version of Atom Heart Mother.   The sound quality on these 2 tracks rivals any of the best BBC releases and is a must have just for “The Violence Sequence” alone…it’s a beautiful piano piece and Rick must have been very happy to get to play it to such a wide audience.   The set is completed with some other Europe radio broadcasts including a more developed version of Atom Heart Mother and a couple of other great tracks.   1 CD


61.   Live in Copenhagen 9/23/71   “Ambassadors of Morning”-- One set from this show…awesome.   The band came on late in the evening/early morning for this set; Roger quietly announces to a hushed crowd “This is a new tune, it’s called Echoes”.   This is indeed one of the earliest live versions of Echoes, and the sound quality and performance is great.   What’s even better about this CD is the absolutely freaky version of Saucerful of Secrets followed by a rare Blues jam.   Must have.  1 CD


62. Live in Japan 8/6/71— this set is incredibly interesting—mainly because of the location and the reaction of the Japanese audience.   The band is announced with a very odd sounding “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Pink Floyd!” followed by polite clapping from the audience.   This recording is definitely from the audience, but it’s very clear and bright, and it’s funny to listen to the somewhat square Japanese audience clapping along (!) with Cymbaline, Echoes, and Atom Heart Mother.   Totally bizarre.   Must have for fans of the 68-72 era (like me!).    Hakone Japan  1 CD


63. Live in Utrecht 12/28/68 (Incredibly rare show from right after Syd left the band, rough sound but one of the very few truly live concert releases from 1967/68)   1 CD


64. Live in Vancouver 4/8/75   Great complete show from the 1975 tour, must have!   Right up there in sound quality and performance of Boston ’75 and Cruel But Fair.   Full Dark Side, Raving and Drooling, Gotta Be Crazy, etc.   I love this one.   2 CD

65. Pink is the Sky 3/8/73 Cincinnati Field House This one is close to my heart—this venue is right down the highway from me, good ’73 show and one of the few from that tour.   Contains the rare tracks When You’re In and Obscured By Clouds along with Echoes, Careful With That Axe and a super rare Childhood’s End (only performed 2 or 3 times ever)   1 CD


66. Plumbton race track 8/8/69    F ascinating in the way that “Beset By Creatures of the Deep” and the other handful of ’69 releases are…must have for fans of the early stuff.   This was at the oddly titled “9 th National Jazz Pop Ballads & Blues Festival and contains a great ’69 performance, and one of the first “themed sets” containing “The Journey” (see Amstedam ’69 for the definitive version of “The Man, The Journey”.   One of the few listenable ’69 shows and a must have for fans of this era.   1 CD


67. Soersfestival 7/12/70 This one is for true fans only, because of the sound quality.   It’s good that ANY document of this infamous festival exist, and you can clearly hear the music, but it’s obviously recorded via audience on a small cassette player.   The set list is a great snap shot of the band in the Ummagumma/Atom Heart Mother era, on a very hot day in Germany at an outdoor festival.   Must have for Saucerful and Interstellar Overdrive alone as far as I’m concerned.   Complete show, 2 CD


68. Berlin 3/13/70   Known as “Analog Master”-- Only half of the show but a great, complete 1 st set.   Very nice sound quality for these 4 great performances—Astronomy Domine, Careful With That Axe, Cymbaline, Saucerful of Secrets.   One of my top 3 or 4 from 1970, and this is very early in the year and really has the feel of a ’69 show but with much better sound quality than most of the ’69 shows.   Must have for sure.   1 CD


69. Two frankfurters 1/27/77- incredibly rare early 77 show,   I believe the 2nd or 3rd show of the 77 tour before they came to North America.   Fans of the Animals Tour must have this one, being one of the earliest documents of the European leg of the ’77 tour, great artwork and good sound quality.   Another example of how the music and the audience evolved by the time the band took the Animals tour to North America later in the year.   This along with Paris 77 and Vienna 77 are the best 3 of the early 77 tour.

2 CD


70. Hurricane Floyd Hit’s Miami- Absolutely super-charged show from late in the ’77 North American Animals tour—similar to Cleveland 77—very rowdy crowd, high energy performances (especially on Have a Cigar and Pigs) and must have material for fans of the Animals tour.   Complete show with cool artwork.   2 CD

71.   For Reasons I do Not Understand-November 6, 1971 Cleveland-quite hard to come by show for some reason…great sound, and simply an awesome find for lovers of the 1970/71 era fans like myself.   2 CD set complete show with all the favorites from this tour.   Indispensable for fans of the 68-72 era.   2 CD


The rest of the listings below are just short titles and dates, and a few comments on some of them that I’ve heard again recently.   Since they are all from the 80s, 90s and 2000s the sound quality is generally good to excellent on all of them.   All either say “Pink Gem Records”, “Relixer Records” on them like the ones listed above, a few don’t have any label information on them but they are obviously from either Relixer or Pink Gem like the above titles.
Pink Floyd 1987, 1994 tours and other releases:

A Clear View 9/28/87   2 CD

A Family Affair May 31, 1994 Pittsburgh   2 CD

A Passage of Time 09-13-94   2 CD

Knebworth 1990 1 CD

Belle de Cologne August 2 1994   2 CD

Delicate Sound of Miami 1987    2 CD

Dortmund Soundcheck 1988   1 CD

live at Earl's Court October 29, 1994 2 CD (last show ever for Pink Floyd)

live in Chicago 9/28/87 2 CD

live in Houston 4/5/94 2 CD

live in London 10/20/94 2 CD

live in Modena 7/8/88

live in San Diego 4/14/94

live in Sydney 1988 (3 CD Set)

Nights of Wonder 1994 Cinnetta Italy

Pigs over Beantown May 19, 1994 Foxboro
Serious Intermission 10/20/94 Earl’s Court

Year of the Dragon 11/26/87 (Live in Los Angeles, one of the best from the 87 tour)

Your Favorite Disease 4/16/94
Roger Waters Solo:
At River's Bend, Cincinnati 7/9/2000

Buffalo or Bust 3/21/85

Goodbye Mr Pink Floyd 11/7/87

Swedish Neurotica 6/17/84
Thanks For The Ride 7/16/84

Hollywood Bowl 10/6/2006
Madison Square Gardens May 30 2007
Universal Amphitheatre LA June 22 2000
Israel 2006 (Dark Side of the Moon tour)
New Jersey 7/21/84
Poplar Creek Illinois 9/9/87 (KAOS Creek)
Fear and Loathing in Bristow July 15 2000 3 CD SET
Cleveland July 27 1999 (1 disc only)


David Gilmour Solo:


new game 6/29/84

david gilmour & richard wright - chicago 4/12/06

Unplugged 2002
Oakland '69-essential show from this famous tour.


2. Fort Worth Express (June 24, 2nd show from the famous 2 day stint in 1972, one of the best)


3. Live in Houston June 25 1972 (3 days after "Fort Worth Express").   Essential.


4. Itchy Fingers--out takes from Sticky Fingers sessions


5. 1969 Soundboard Collection (fantastic collection from the '69 US tour)


6. Milano 1970-fair sound, but great set.


7. Spontaneous Combustion Hamburg 1970—similar to Milano—fair sound, but strong performance.


8. Rolling Stones June 22 1975 Madison Square Gardens with Eric Clapton on 1 song


9. Wingless Angels out takes from the best Stones album of all time, Exile on Main Street


10. Static in the Attic rare, out take and live from 74, '79


11. Live in Amsterdam Club Gig 1995—possibly their best gig of the 90s.

12. She Was Hot—Live in Oakland 2006 very good sound!

13. Keith Richards-Stone Alone—absolutely essential solo recordings by Keith in the late 70s when he was awaiting his drug trial in Toronto.   Much of it is him at the piano.   An absolute must for Keef fans!


14. The Official Black Album—probably the best compilation of rare versions, out takes, etc, 2 CDs spanning many years of their career.