Item Description

This is a great small area heater! Rated at over 30,000 Btu of heat,  it delivers 2 X more heat and will last 5 X longer than a Fireplace Radiator, Heat-N-Glo, Cozy, Hasteheat heater or any other grate heater for less than half the price. It will make your family room warm and cozy while reducing your home heating cost and it designed for use in any wood burning masonry fireplace, with or without doors. This is the:

30,000 BTU  GRATE HEATER    


How it Works:
  With this heater you not only get the full radiant heat of the fire but add significant (85 cfm) of forced air heat to your home. You stack wood on the grate as you normally do and build a fire, that’s it. As the fire burns the hot embers are captured by the units ember retaining screen, creating a blanket of ember that heats the 2in steel tube . The blower forces air thru the tube and vents 85 cfm of heat out the other side. The directional air flow extension (see picture) lets you direct the heat to sitting area beside the fireplace so you enjoy the full comfort of the heat.  
Why Buy this Heater?
   Unlike other Grate heater products this unit comes standard with several import features:
  • Safety:
    •  The insert fits within your firebox and the blowers sits outside the firebox on the hearth, safely away from the heat.
    •  The unit and your fireplace opening completely enclose within a free-standing fire screen.
    •  The heating tube is mounted beneath the grate bars so your wood lays perfectly flat
    •   It has a 4" front mounted plate to:
      •  Reduces the radiant heat exposure to the blowers for longer operating life
      •  Help prevent ‘ burning log rolling’ 
      •  Reduce ' popping ember' discharges 


  • Tubing – It’s made completely of high grade/high gauge, machinery fabricated industrial steel tubing. There are no soft metals or alloys (aluminum, tin, etc), like in other grate units (Radiator, Heat-N-Glo, Cozy, etc) and   it’s not aluminized steel (Fireplace Log Grate).   It’s industrial grade, low-carbon steel tubing: large sized and heavy-gauged to provide long life and great heat conductivity.
  • Grate – This isn’t your standard ½in - 4 bar  demonstration grade grate. This is 6 bar, 5/8in welded carbon-steel grate,   extra strong and rated for  frequent/ heavy use.
  • Ember Retaining Screen - This unit comes with a 1 1/2" mesh 4- gauge ember retaining screen affixed under the heater tube to catch the burning ember and blanket the heater tube with the embers to produce super hot heat.
  • Power – The Blower (not a fan - see below for critical distinction) is a multi-speed, quiet sleeve-bearing, thermally protected, industrial strength utility blower. It delivers 85 cfm (high speed) or 55 cfm (low) of hot, hot heat. It’s has on/off control, a 6' heavy duty insulated power supply cord (see store for more details) and attaches to the grate tube on either the right of left side for convenience.
    • Note : manifold and/or fan box fan with 90 degree bent, undersize or flat tubing all reduce a fans rated CFM air flow velocity by over 50%, add in heated air expansions and it's even less. This unit DELIVERS 85 cfm of ember heated air, easily more heat output than than the supposed output of those more expensive, less efficent units that advertise their fan rated speed. 
    • Note 2: Fans move air using blades. They're designed to gently move air over a wide area as such they don't have the force or the ability to overcome resistance created within the manifold and bends in the tubing . A Blower use corrugated wheels to concentrate and propel air, with force through a confined passage,  like your furnace ducting .   
  •   Construction - It’s constructed with high grade carbon-steel fasteners, for strength, durability and reuse-ability.  
    • Note: I can’t guarantee it but the heater tubing on this unit should last 30 or more years. So if the grate cracks just buy a new one and mount the heater on it the new grate. You’re set for another 5, 10 years.  
  • Economical - The energy cost for operating this unit is less than a standard 100 watt light bulb. That's over 30,000 Btu's of heat for less than turning on a light.
  •   Flexible Connecting Tube - the flexible tubing connecting the blower and the heating tube is truck exhaust tubing. Strong galvanized carbon-steel capable of withstanding ‘dropped logsÂ’ without cracking or rupture and rated to withstand 450 degree temp (it never even gets hot with the air volume going thru it)  
  • Directional heat venting - the unit comes with a 6-inch heater tube extension sleeve (see pictures) that simply slide on/off the heating tube. It allows  you to direct the heat where you want it most and it also greatly reduces the lost of heat that would be sucked back into the fire via its draft - a problem inherent in any grate heater that vents heat below the fires draft (Cozy, heat-n-glo, fireplace radiator, etc,).
  • Installation – The grate/tubing comes fully assembled, you just have to attach the front plate, slide on the blower and the extension sleeve and you're ready to go. Only take a couple of minutes from unpacking to building a fire.
  • Cleaning – The grate is elevated 5" for safe and easy cleaning, unlike other product that sit on the firebox floor making cleaning, without a dirty and dangerious removal, impossible.


  • grate measures - 23w ( r & f) x  16d x 8h
  • weight = 30 lbs.
  • Blowers 115v, .45a/.65a, 55/85 cfm @ 0 sp. Comes fully assembled with a 6’ heavy-duty power supply cord (for more details visit my store).
  • Strong flexible steel connecting tubes are 16" L. (can be reduced if necessary).
  • Units shipping weight 35 lbs.  


  • Un-obstructed fireplace opening and rear width > 24in
  • Depth must be 18in or greater
    •   Note: this unit cannot be used with glass doors with a frame across the front of the firebox opening > 5" high    
    • Will not work with a firebox that has a drop or recessed floor > 2 inch (unless elevated) - email seller for options.
  • When used with glass doors - doors must be open when in use.

Shipping and Handling .

  •  Buyer will pay a flat $40 for shipping and handling (within contiguous US only).
  •  Canadian resident and others - please contact seller.
  •  Purchase Payment must include s/h cost (insurance included with s&h cost)
  •  Shipping will be made upon verification of payment . For instant payment purchases all units are generally shipped within 1 to 3 business day.

Return Policy -  Standard 7 day "Purchase Price" refund.  Buyer must notify seller within 7 days of receipt of unit for returns. All items must be unused and returned in "as shipped" packaging and condition.  Buyers will pay all shipping and handling cost.

  • Note: As these units are fairly expensive to ship it is best for all - that care be taken to insure the unit will fit within your fireplace before buying. For damaged in shipping goods, shipping insurance will apply (insurance is covered in s/h fee). If product is used with ‘damage in shipping defect’ insurance and product warranty is voided. The buyer is expected to read and understand all of the requirements as it pertains to their application, before purchasing. Purchasing constitute the buyer agreement with all the conditions set forth.

Reality Check: Consistent with my policy of providing complete product information there are some consideration for this type heater that should be noted. The generally unmentioned  considerations with this and other Grate Heaters (Radiator, Cozy, Heat & Glo, hasty, etc) are fuel consummation, heat delivery and Btu Rating

  • Fuel Consumption:   As this is a single-method (ember only) heating system your heat output will generally be based on building and maintaining fires with a medium to large bed of embers to produce rich heat, which is fairly fuel consumptive.   Thus, regardless of some grate heater advertising claims, it will NOT result in any reduced fuel/wood consumption.
    • Note : The normal seller spin is - per lb. of wood you get more heat than with a standard fire - so you’re using less wood based on the amount of heat you’re getting. But you're not burning less wood (see my other models for reduced wood burning heaters)     
  • Heat Delivery – The claim made or implied by Grate-only heater sellers that you get heat as soon as you start a fire is very misleading. Certainly when building a fire the initial burning will make the tubing beneath it warmer; but claiming this is heat is just silly; at best, without a bed of embers it will produce mild/warm temp air (and that’s only true with a system delivering low CFM air volume). You need a bed-of-embers to produce good heat .
    • Note : the best heating results when building a fire is to use a LARGE volume of kindling to create embers quickly, then adding small to increase-larger diameter logs to produce and maintain a rich ember-bed.  
  • Btu Rating – The Btu rating established for this unit is based on normal fire burning practices – building an average size fire, letting it burn down and rebuilding. This burning method,  will provide the Btu output quoted . Naturally increasing and maintaining the fires size to produce a larger blanket of embers will increase the Btu output (far exceeding that advertised by Heat & Glo, Cozy, Radiator, etc.). However, as a consistent burning practice the ‘biggest bang for your buck’ will not be to maximize the Btu output but to achieving a balance of heat/fuel consumption - normal size fires/30K Btu's.
    • Note:  BTU Rating established from the U.S. Dept of Energy ‘standard HVAC measure for FORCED AIR Heating’.

  Please email me with any questions. I try to respond to all questions the same day as received