Item Description

Silver Quaalude

Dr. Q here with the long-ago promised Quaalude jewelry!! I made the mold for these pendants out of a set of Quaalude dies I used to make the real thing back in the '80s. If you ate a lude back in the 80s (east coast or west coast), you were probably eating one of mine. You would remember if you ate one of mine because I always put in about 325MG of Methaquaalone in each one. When the feds finally got me in 1992, they said that my ludes were better than the real things ..... and they were. Before getting my doctorate at USC, I was a chemistry major and I developed the formula for synthesizing a really potent lude. The feds sent me to clubfed for 6 years but I thought ludes were a great drug and so here I am making them again ...legally this time.

I cast these ludes in Argentium silver. By adding Argentium to Sterling, you get a silver that is tarnish resistant so these shouldn't turn dark on you. By the way, if you are interested in a lude made out of gold (price depends on karat you want), please contact me with the request and a quote. Can also cast in copper or make one out of acrylic (looks like ivory). I can also produce white ludes made the same way I made them in the '80s (except they have no active ingredient in them). I'll sell these 10 for $25.

I'll mail your purchase out 1st class mail for free or, if you want to pay $5, I'll send it out priority. Just let me know which way you want it mailed.

Thanks for your interest and thanks for keeping old Doc Q in the lude business.